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Is Palworld coming to PS5 or PS4?

Following its enormous success on Xbox and PC, PlayStation fans understandably want Palworld PS5 and PS4 releases - here's the latest info.

Palworld PS5: A white PlayStation logo on a blue background, and a green dinosaur like creature with leaves swirling around it

Will Palworld come to PS5 and PS4? The hit survival game has attracted millions of players, but PlayStation users have been left out so far. So what are the chances of there being Palworld PS5 and Palworld PS4 versions in the future.

Pocketpair’s surprise sensation has been hugely successful since it launched in early access in January 2024 on Xbox and PC. It’s gone down as one of the best survival games of recent times thanks to its monster catching, base building, and open world exploration. Naturally, PlayStation players want a slice of the pie, so will Palworld ever make its way to Sony’s consoles and become one of the best PS4 games and best PS5 games? Here’s everything we know.

Is Palworld coming to PS5 and PS4?

Currently, Pocketpair doesn’t plan to bring Palworld to PS5 or PS4 according to the developer’s official FAQ page for the game. 

This is the only official statement Pocketpair has given regarding PlayStation versions of the game, and it reads as follows: “We don’t have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development!”

Given how this statement is worded, Pocketpair doesn’t completely rule out Palworld coming to PS5 and PS4 in the future. The success the game has already seen on Xbox and PC already could motivate it to develop a PlayStation version, as it would no doubt attract millions more players when opened up to another large audience. However, things aren’t that straightforward.

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For a start, Pocketpair’s last game, Craftopia, has remained an Xbox exclusive. Couple that with Microsoft’s commitment to support Palworld with its own resources and know-how, and the fact the game still has lots of improvements to make and new content to push out, a PS5 or PS4 version seems like a very low priority at the moment.

It’s great that something as mad (and as rough around the edges) as Palworld has become one of the best Xbox Game Pass games around, but it is a blow that the fun won’t be coming over to PlayStation any time soon. Also be sure to head over to our sister site Pocket Tactics for details on a potential Nintendo Switch Palworld release.

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If you’re already playing right now on Xbox or PC, then check out this full Palworld map for dungeon locations and this incredibly handy tool for Palworld breeding. As for the game’s beasties, here’s a list of all the Palworld Pals and a complete Palworld bosses list.

Until Pocketpair confirms a PlayStation port of its upcoming title, why not check out our best PS5 open world games list or our best PS5 survival games list for some excellent alternatives? Alternatively, you can keep the fun going with friends by checking out our rundown of the best multiplayer games available to download right now on PS4 and PS5.