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Palworld breeding tool puts the rizz in Grizzbolt for Xbox players

If you’re trying to fill out your Paldeck in the hit Xbox game, then Grizzbolt needs to be a major player in your Palworld breeding plans.

Palworld breeding Grizzbolt: A giant yellow Grizzbolt being ridden by a human trainer

Palworld breeding is a major asset if you’re trying to collect every pal in the game, or are hoping to attain the most perfect version of a pal possible. And, as it transpires, boss pal Grizzbolt is a crucial piece in the puzzle when it comes to producing the Xbox game’s top monsters.

In a series of Palworld breeding trees shared by Redditor ‘Crazyatman’, Grizzbolt can be seen at pretty much every stage. If you require the fiery Astegon, Grizzbolt’s got you covered in one of 2024’s best games. If you desire the derpy Relaxaurus, get big Grizz in the Breeding Farm. And if you admire the ancient Anubis, feed Grizzbolt some cake and let the rizzy Grizzy do its thing.

If you want to see for yourself how far the Totoro-with-scurvy-looking pal can go, Crazyatman has even put together a handy Palworld breeding tool – Palbreed – so you can calculate how many generations of inbreeding will be required to achieve your desired pal. Palworld.gg’s breeding calculator has served us well in the past, but the ability to easily save your breeding plans in Palbreed for quick reference is incredibly useful.

Palworld breeding Grizzbolt: a breeding tree

But where can you snag yourself a Grizzbolt for procreational purposes? The only place you can find one in the wild is in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located at the southernmost point of the Palworld map. It’ll appear at level 20, so prepare yourself appropriately. These sanctuaries are heavily protected, and being spotted by human NPCs there will earn you a bounty, so proceed with caution. It’s also worth noting that Grizzbolt is a rare spawn, so it may take several spawn resets for it to appear.

If you’ve already reached Palworld’s north-eastern peninsula, then you’ll have access to wild Rayhounds. Breeding one of these with a Mossanda will also result in a Grizzbolt. The electric pal is certainly one of the more unorthodox pals to get a hold of, but its value is undoubtedly worth the effort.

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