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Palworld sales rocket past 7 million as PS5 release hopes soar

As Palworld continues to break records and establish itself as one of the year’s biggest Xbox releases, there’s a good chance it’ll make its way to PS5.

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Palworld developer Pocket Pair has revealed its breakout hit has surpassed seven million sales, just five days after its early access launch. The monster-collecting survival game is currently only available on PC and Xbox, making the feat all the more impressive. However, PS5 players may also eventually get their time to shine if PlayStation Indies head Shuhei Yoshida gets his way.

Celebrating the milestone on Twitter, Pocket Pair reaffirms that it’s “hard at work addressing the issues and bugs some users are experiencing.” Palworld’s first patch arrived a few days post-launch, targeting “numerous bugs” and “sound issues.” However, as an early access title, there’s still a long way to go before it reaches a state fit for full release.

Though we’ve encountered plenty of happy little foibles so far, the overall experience has been a delightful one. Palworld has, in our books, already entered the realm of the best survival games due largely to its sheer approachability, as well as the litany of adorable pals at your (sometimes gruesome) disposal. Hopefully, then, Pocket Pair can ship fixes for its most egregious bugs, as players continue to report issues with multiplayer and save files not working.

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As PS5 players look enviously upon their PC and Xbox counterparts, calls for a Palworld PS5 port continue to echo across social media. Fortunately, Yoshida has kept his finger on the pulse. Acknowledging a fan’s PS5 plea over on Twitter (translated from Japanese to English via Google), the indies head simply says “Yes [to helping bring it to the console],” tagging PlayStation partner development exec Jingwen Zhu into the conversation.

Though it’s unclear if a timed exclusivity deal is in place with Xbox – the game launched on Game Pass after all, so it wouldn’t surprise us if this were the case – Pocket Pair has never expressed that a PS5 release is off the table. In its Steam FAQ, the studio says that “it doesn’t have plans for this [a PS5 port] at the moment, but will consider it during development.”

While PlayStation has earned itself a reputation for avoiding early-access titles like the plague, that’s simply not the case. Monster-collecting MMO Temtem arrived on PS5 in early access back in late-2020 – likewise was the case when Ark Survival Ascended launched on the platform at the end of November last year. There’s a convenient correlation here genre-wise, but it’s clear that Sony is willing to dabble in early access for the right games. And right now, Palworld is irresistible.

If you’re looking to hop into Palworld for the first time, be sure to consult Rory’s advice to ensure you don’t make this simple mistake before starting what is already one of the best multiplayer games of 2024.