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Don’t make this simple mistake before starting Palworld

Xbox console exclusive Palworld gives you an important decision to make right away, and getting it wrong could make co-op play frustrating.

Palworld multiplayer singleplayer world: A large, yellow Pal holding a minigun with a human riding on their back. In the top left corner is an Xbox logo while in the top right is are two purple controller icons.

Palworld might have already garnered a sizeable player base, but there’s one simple mistake you need to avoid. When you open up this Xbox console exclusive and brand new Game Pass addition for the first time, you’ll be greeted by the world settings. These will give you the deceptively simple option of choosing a Palworld multiplayer or single-player world. However, if you make the wrong decision, you’ll be locked out of multiplayer unless you make a fresh world.

Having just released into early access on Xbox, there are plenty of players eager to explore Palworld‘s unique Pokémon-meets-Ark world. To no one’s surprise, taming cute and chaotic creatures and adding absurd gunplay into the mix has made Palworld one of the most exciting new Xbox games. Sadly, getting into the fun does have a small but impactful hurdle for those looking to enjoy one of the best multiplayer games.

When it comes to making your own world, you’re given three simple options: world name, multiplayer or singleplayer, and difficulty. However, it’s important to note that you can’t change your world type later down the line. In other words, if you select a single-player world and want to invite your friends after you’ve wrangled them into downloading Palworld, you won’t be able to. Instead, you’ll have to create a brand-new world and start from scratch.

So, if you’re precious about your progression and think you might want to play with others later down the line, it’s best to select a multiplayer world from the get-go anyhow. While single-player worlds are barred from online connectivity, you’re able to enjoy both solo and group play in a multiplayer world if you don’t invite others.

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To invite your friends, all you have to do is send them the Invite Code for your world, found in the options tab. Unfortunately, Xbox and PC Game Pass players are currently limited to 1-4 player co-op hosted by one of the players, whereas Steam players are able to create servers for up to 32 players to enjoy Palworld multiplayer at one time. Crossplay is also unavailable, though this is expected to come later down the line.

If you’re a survival game veteran, then this multiplayer versus single-player world type won’t be all too surprising as this is how games like Ark Survival Evolved handle servers and worlds. However, with Palworld’s similarities to Pokémon, there has been plenty of confusion around what this Xbox exclusive would play like before launch.

Once you’re exploring the weird world of Palworld – whether by yourself or with others – it’s a good idea to check out a Palworld beginner’s guide for all the starting tips you need to know. With systems like Palworld breeding and plenty of Palworld weapons, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At least you won’t have to restart now though if you’d like to play with friends.