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Palworld update fixes 35 issues, but accidentally makes your Pals lazy

While dozens of important fixes have been made, the new Palworld patch unintentionally makes Xbox players' Pals sit back and relax.

Palworld update: A pink dinosaur-like monster stares menacingly and a green panda-like creature takes a nap

A new Palworld update is being rolled out for Xbox players to further fix the survival game’s wide array of bugs and performance issues. Patch makes over 35 changes, and those include some welcome improvements to your Pals’ spatial awareness. However, developer Pocketpair has also acknowledged that this update has created a fresh problem – your Palworld bases will be be set by default to a new, low-output mode.

Having attracted over 25 million players so far, Palworld’s unprecedented success now sees it racing to patch the game up and make it a smoother, less-buggy experience in order to keep those legions of players around. It’s proven it has the formula to be one of the best survival games and best open world games of recent times, but there are still aspects of the game that are frustrating. However, this new Palworld update makes some very welcome improvements.

For those with big bases crammed with Pals, we’ve got some great news for you. There are multiple fixes in this patch that will stop them getting stuck on everything from farm roofs to logging sites. While the hustle and bustle of a busy base is part of what makes this one of the best Xbox Game Pass games, constantly spawning Pals in and out to rescue them from places where they shouldn’t be is a bit tiresome.

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The patch notes also reveal big improvements and refinements to save data, servers, and Pocketpair’s ongoing fight against cheaters.

However, there’s one interesting new addition you need to be aware of as it could have a big impact on your bases. A new ‘Relax’ setting has been added to monitoring posts, which are used to dictate how fast your Pals should be working. This new setting puts them on a low level of output, which will be helpful if you don’t want to rapidly deplete your Pals’ hunger and SAN stats.

The issue is that with this patch, all monitoring posts (even if they were built before the patch) have now been reset to Relax as default. That means when you first jump into Palworld after this update, you’ll notice a huge reduction in output. So, if you don’t want your flow of resources and production lines to slow down, you’ll need to fix it. For now, you’ll have to walk up to all your monitoring stands across your bases and manually change the setting from Relax to whatever it was you had it on before. YouTuber ‘Witty’ shows this in the video below.

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At the time of writing on February 27, update is out for PC players, but the Xbox version of this patch is yet to be deployed. However, Xbox patches usually arrive within 24 hours or so of the PC patch, so you shouldn’t have long to wait.

So, with the additional support given to it by Microsoft, Palworld’s quest to remain as one of the best Xbox games of the year continues. This patch goes a long way towards getting the game – which is admittedly still in early access – to a much healthier state.

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