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This custom (and cursed) Palworld Xbox Series S bundle could be yours

This new giveaway could make you the proud owner of a one-off Palworld Xbox Series S console, four Pal-themed controllers, and an Xbox Game Pass sub.

No matter your thoughts on the Pokémon-inspired survival game, Palworld fever continues to grip the gaming world. Now, to commemorate the Xbox Game Pass smash, Microsoft is giving away a custom Palworld Xbox Series S console and four cool controllers, and this bundle of hardware could be yours soon.

We love a good custom console here at The Loadout – this tasty, one-off PS5 inspired by Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden springs to mind. We also love Palworld, and think it’s one of the best Xbox Game Pass games around, despite its obvious technical issues. So, combining those two things sounds like a recipe for success.

However, when it comes to the wrap on the Series S – one of the best games consoles ever, thanks to its compactness and affordability – we’re not so sure. Slapping the game’s rather vibrant key art on the Series S and calling it a day is rather underwhelming (if not a little cursed-looking). The controllers that are inspired by the survival game are a different story, though.

If you win this bundle, you’ll get all four of the controllers shown off in the image below, which come with cool PalDeck accents and colors corresponding to the Pals they’re based off of. That yellow Grizzbolt controller, in particular, is catching our eye. The base Series controller is still one of the best Xbox controllers around, but a splash of color certainly makes it even better.

Palworld Xbox giveaway: A graphic showing a custom Xbox Series S console covered in Palworld art, and four controllers with custom yellow, green, blue, and pink skins

To enter, all you’ve got to do is retweet this post from Xbox with #PalworldXboxSweepstakes, give the official Xbox account a follow, and you’re in with a shot. Oh, and to sweeten the deal, you’ll also get a free three-month sub to Xbox Game Pass, which will let you play hundreds of the best Xbox games – Palworld included.

So, if you want the power of Grizzbolt in your hands, this giveaway is for you. Speaking of, Palworld players should definitely check out this handy tool that proves Grizzy is the key to getting some of the best Pals in the game.

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