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Dead Island 2 unexpectedly sneaks onto your Xbox Game Pass library

Surprise! If you love over-the-top zombie slaying, then Xbox Game Pass just blessed you by adding Dead Island 2 out of nowhere.

Dead Island 2 Game Pass Xbox: A feminine zombified character holding sun glasses and wearing a large black hat. To the left is an Xbox Game Pass logo.

With the regular and predictable pace of new additions to Xbox’s stellar subscription, it’s easy enough to know what to expect and when. However, we’ve been thrown a curveball as hack n’ slash zombie game Dead Island 2 has miraculously arrived on Xbox Game Pass today. Should you give it a go? That’s a no-brainer.

After many years in development hell, swapping between several different developers, no one expected Dead Island 2 to be one of the best zombie games on Xbox. We were pleasantly surprised by it in our Dead Island 2 review, highlighting its incredibly gory action (though admittedly it has an underwhelming story). And now, the zombie-slaying open-world game is available on Game Pass as you read this.

Without any prior announcement from Microsoft or the game’s creators, many thought its surprise addition to the Xbox Game Pass games list was a mistake. After all, we’ve already had the remaining Xbox Game Pass February 2024 games revealed and Dead Island 2 was certainly nowhere to be seen. However, an official post has been released confirming the news.

“With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version, you’ll have unlimited access to the base game on Xbox, including co-op functionality. So, there’s no need to go it alone – gather your squad and take on the horde together in thrilling co-op action”, the post reads. So, grab your friends and invite them to join you in one of the best co-op games at no extra cost. Take a look at the best Dead Island 2 characters beforehand though – you can’t ever be too prepared to fight the zombie horde.

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If you’re hopping in to fight through zombie-infested LA, then you’ll also want to check out the active Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops. By watching a partnered streamer, you’ll be able to earn the stylish Dusk Dani and the FOMOrian Claws.

Though it was a surprise to be sure, it’s a welcome one. It’s hard to argue against new Xbox Game Pass games being added to the service, giving you even more options to choose from – including many of the best Xbox games. If you’re struggling to decide what to play next after carving your way through Dead Island 2, take a look at all the best Xbox Game Pass games currently available to you. Arguably even better than this surprise Game Pass addition, however, is that the somewhat poetic 14-year wait for the incredible Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox is finally over, and it’s a surefire way to lose hundreds of hours.