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Who is the best Dead Island 2 character to choose?

Find out which Slayer you should pick when you first begin your journey across a zombie-infested Hell-A and its surrounding landmarks.

Dead Island 2 Best Character: Carla can be seen

With 6 slayers to choose from, your decision on who to pick at the start of Dead Island 2 may have you hung up on the choice screen for a while. But, there are some clear top individuals compared to the rest of the crew who land in Hell-A.

This guide takes you through why two of them in Dead Island 2 stand out and what makes them better than the rest. In short, a lot of it comes down to their ability to kill the various Dead Island 2 zombie types better and faster than the others. They are also the most effective at combat when taking all the variables into account.

Who is the best Dead Island 2 character to choose?

The best Dead Island 2 character is either Carla or Jacob we found in our review playthrough of the game. They have the most beneficial and powerful skills and the best stats when you start the game which makes surviving easier and killing zombies quicker.

Jacob comes with strong Peak Health and Stamina, as well as solid toughness and critical damage. This makes him a zombie-maiming powerhouse. He is a bit weaker than some of the other Slayers, and also weak to attacks that deal elemental damage. But his skills make up for it.

Feral gives him a minor damage boost from attacking enemies in quick succession that can stack. Critical Gains, on the other hand, boosts his critical hits damage and he can regain stamina when he is low on that stamina, allowing him to his zombies for longer.

Dead island 2 best Character: Jacob can be seen

Carla, on the other hand, is a walking tour-de-force. With high resilience, toughness, and health recovery, she can batter zombies for days before getting tired or suffering too much. She is one of the bulkier characters in the game though because of this.

However, her skills lean into her strength. Mosh Pit gives her a minor damage boost when close to multiple zombies, while Dig Deep boosts her toughness when she is low on health, helping her survive.

Dead Island 2 Weapons: Carla can be seen

With either of these two characters as your vessel to zombie killing, you will be an unstoppable force as you tear through bosses, complete the Dead Island 2 missions and find new weapons and items. For even more as you are playing, take a look through our Dead Island 2 walkthrough article.