All Dead Island 2 zombie types

Here are all the colourful Dead Island 2 zombie types that now call LA home in the apocalypse. Gear up, you’ll need it to take down the Apex zombies.

Dead Island 2 zombie types: A Crusher zombie lunging at the player holding a hammer.

The infested playground of HELL-A is bustling with different Dead Island 2 zombie types to slice, dice, and smash with the jam-packed arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Here’s a complete bestiary of all the different Dead Island 2 zombie types you’ll encounter, from ones that explode to ones that spit caustic gloop.

To face down the variety of zombie types on offer, there’s also a wide selection of Dead Island 2 characters to pick from, each with unique specialities and personalities. Find out more before the Dead Island 2 release date arrives.

All Dead Island 2 zombie types

Here are all the Dead Island 2 zombie types:

  • Shambler (Infected)
  • Walker (Infected)
  • Runner (Infected)
  • Grenadier Walker (Variant)
  • Spiky Runner (Variant)
  • Inferno Crusher (Variant)
  • Screamer (Apex)
  • Slobber (Apex)
  • Crusher (Apex)

The variety of Dead Island 2 zombie types are split into three broad categories; basic Infected, Variants, and Apex type zombies.

Infected are the most common zombie type in Dead Island 2 and largely follow standard ideas of zombies. The Shambler is a slow moving Infected who were the first to turn, making them weak overall. Walkers are a step up from Shamblers, though still relatively standard fare. Runners, on the other hand, are freshly infected and able to move significantly faster. Remember, you can dismember the different zombie types to make them easier to handle.

Variants are alternate versions of these basic Infected zombie types. The Grenade Walker, for instance, is a soldier Walker who’s still wearing their uniform, clinging onto the grenades on their bandolier. Similarly, Spiky Runners are zombified runners peppered with barbed wire, glass, and other sharp objects that make them more deadly in close range. Lastly, the Inferno Crusher is a brutish zombie that’s, as the name suggests, on fire. This makes them resistant to fire-modified weapons.

The Apex are the top of the food chain in terms of Dead Island 2 zombie types and can cause chaos in the streets of LA if you’re not prepared. Like Inferno Crushers, these zombies are strong, hulking zombies. More interesting are the Slobbers, zombies capable of launching caustic gloop at you. You’ll want to take this slobbery zombie type down before they block off your exit. Last but not least are the Screamers. Once they start screaming, they’ll alert all nearby zombies to your locations and you can quickly get surrounded. Take these down as soon as you can, though beware they can blast you away with their powerful shriek.

That’s all the Dead Island 2 zombie types that have taken over LA in the apocalypse. Gear up and be ready to face down the undead. While you wait, why don’t you dive into the best Xbox zombie games that are available right now.