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New Xbox Game Pass games for May 2024

Here are May's confirmed new Game Pass games for players on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as a look ahead to what's coming in the future.

New Game Pass games May: Senua with her red markings and headwrap

Xbox Game Pass continues to amaze with the value it offers subscribers, and it’s showing no signs of letting up. May 2024’s new Game Pass games lineup continues Xbox’s not only brings some excellent older titles to subscribers, but it’s laden with brand-new, day-one releases too.

The full Xbox Game Pass games library is already bursting at the seams, and it includes some of the best games of all time. But here we’ll bring you the confirmed lineup of new Xbox Game Pass titles for this month and highlight the ones we think you absolutely must play. From charming indies, to first-party Xbox exclusives, to some of the best-selling games of all time, any new additions will be listed here. We’ll also list any confirmed, leaked, or rumored new Game Pass games for next month too.

New Game Pass games – May 2024

The new Game Pass games for May that have been confirmed by Xbox are:

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 2
  • Kona II: Brume (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 7
  • Little Kitty, Big City (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 9, day one launch
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 14
  • Chants of Sennar (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 15
  • EA Sports NHL 24 (Cloud) – May 16
  • Immortals of Aveum (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – May 16
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – May 21, day one launch
  • Galacticare (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – May 23, day one launch
  • Hauntii (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 23, day one launch
  • Moving Out 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 28
  • Humanity (Cloud, Console, and PC) – May 30
  • Lords of the Fallen (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – May 30

Below we’ve highlighted some of the biggest additions in this month’s lineup that you should definitely pick up and play if you haven’t already.

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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Hellblade 2 could launch as one of the year’s most incredible experiences, and we’ve been longing for the next step on Senua’s journey ever since its announcement during 2019’s The Game Awards ceremony.

The Hellblade 2 previews so far have been nothing short of glowing. From what we’ve seen so far, developer Ninja Theory has gone bigger and bolder in every conceivable way, utilizing a brand-new mocap setup to create truly unique encounters while upping the ante from the chilling binaural audio it impressed with in the first game.

Meanwhile, combat – the weakest part of the original Hellblade – seems to have been improved upon massively this time around. As such, this could be one of the most complete gaming experiences of the current console generation and a shoe-in for our best Xbox games list.

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Little Kitty, Big City

One must imagine Sisyphus as an adorable black cat, and his boulder as a ball of yarn – now that’s what life’s all about. Fortunately, you won’t have to picture it too hard, as feline sandbox adventure Little Kitty, Big City lands on May 9.

Between getting to commit atrocities on a scale we haven’t seen since the Untitled Goose Game, and dressing your lil homie up in dopamine-boosting costumes, we can already sense the flurry of Game of the Year nominations coming its way.

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot serves as one of the best reintroductions to an iconic series around. Reinvigorating Lara’s character while offering up standout visuals for the time, alongside incredible gameplay depth and a gripping narrative, the self-titled Tomb Raider is a must-play in our books.

The Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider dropped in 2014, remastering the original release from the year before while bundling in the game’s DLC. Though, yes, it is a decade old now, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition still holds up remarkably well for its age.

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Lords of the Fallen

For fans of the best Souls like games, Lords of the Fallen will be your must-play new Game Pass game this month. While it certainly leans heavily on classic Souls like action and gives huge Bloodborne energy, there’s plenty of originality too.

It’s coolest feature is without a doubt its dual-world system. While most of the action takes place in Axiom, the real, tangible world, there is a hidden, dark world called Umbral layered underneath it. In real-time, the Umbral realm can be revealed by raising your Umbral Lamp. This can unveil new pathways or puzzle mechanics that aren’t visible in the real world.

It also acts as a purgatory realm should you be slain while battling in Axiom, giving you a chance of resurrection so you don’t succumb to a full, proper death.

With great combat variety, memorable and challenging boss encounters, and a sprawling, double-layered open-world, there’s a lot to love about Lords of the Fallen.

Next month’s new Game Pass games

We already know some of the games that will be hitting Game Pass in June. They are:

  • Firework (PC only) – June 4
  • Rolling Hills (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 4, day one launch
  • Still Wakes the Deep (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – June 18, day-one launch
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It’s also worth considering that the Xbox Games Showcase is set to air on June 9, and there’s a very good chance that a fresh batch of Activision Blizzard games could be announced for the service. We’re hopeful that we’ll get some Spyro, Tony Hawk’s, Crash Bandicoot, or Call of Duty goodness added to Game Pass soon.

So, these are the new Xbox Game Pass games that subscribers will be able to enjoy this month at no extra cost. If you’re a new subscriber looking for some recommendations for what games to play first, or you’re simply looking for something new to play, check out our list of the best Xbox Game Pass games. From massive RPGs like Starfield to surprise sensations like Palworld, you’ll definitely find something excellent to play.