Warzone meta: What is the meta for Season 4?

Which guns, perks, equipment, and loadouts define the meta in Warzone right now?

A sniper on a rooftop looks out over the battlefield in Call of Duty: Warzone

The Call of Duty: Warzone meta is always changing. As buffs and nerfs come and go, players are always discovering new attachments, weapon combinations, or strategies that can topple pretty much anything else they come up against.

While the days of having one or two completely broken weapons dominating the battle royale are now (hopefully) behind us, there are still some individual guns or entire loadouts that one would certainly describe as “meta”. Warzone Season 4 has kicked off with a huge weapon tuning update, which buffs 11 weapons and nerfs some of the strongest guns in the game.

Predicting the meta for the rest of the season is going to be tricky, but we’re going to give it a shot. Here at The Loadout, we already have lists dedicated to the best Warzone guns and best Warzone loadouts, but we’re going to bring both together, along with some usage stats, to try and break down the current meta.

Here’s what the Warzone Season 4 meta is shaping up to look like.

Warzone meta weapons in Season 4

In Season 4 of Warzone, the Kar98k, the CR-56 AMAX, the Kilo, and the MAC-10 will likely rule the meta. These were the most used guns at the end of Season 3, according to WZ Ranked . Also expect the new weapons, the C58, the MG 82, and the Nail Gun to also crop up a lot in the opening weeks.

If you look at each weapon by the average K/D they achieve in Warzone, then the best performing guns from the last week are the AMAX (1.24), the Streetsweeper (1.16), the Cold War AK-47 (1.11), and the Cold War MP5 (1.11).

If you go off these stats, then you’ll want at least one of the guns mentioned above in there. The only exception is the Streetsweeper, which at the start of Season 4 was nerfed heavily. Expect its K/D stat to drop over the coming days.

Warzone meta perks in Season 4

In Warzone Season 4, each perk slot has one or two perks that are run by the majority of players, and play a significant role in the meta.

For Perk 1, the best and most popular perk is Double Time. There is also E.O.D. which can be a useful perk, but only if you encounter someone with a pocket full of rockets and an RPG.

For Perk 2, you will need Overkill if you are running two primary weapons or Ghost if you are happy using a secondary weapon in your loadout. Some high-level players are experimenting with High Alert, but the benefits of Overkill and Ghost make them the most popular perks in the current meta.

For Perk 3, Amped is certainly the meta choice as it gives you faster weapon swapping. Tracker is also viable, but not as popular with Warzone players at the moment.

To be perfectly honest though, there appears to be a lot of Specialist Bonus items dropping from loot crates in Season 4. These award you with all perks, so the real meta is to try and grab one of these as quickly as you can. The loot you get for using Warzone Red Doors gives you the best odds of nabbing a Specialist Bonus.

Warzone meta equipment in Season 4

When it comes to usage stats, the most popular equipment combo is the Heartbeat Sensor and Semtex. However, you may want to consider running Stun Grenades instead of a Heartbeat Sensor, as players using them in their loadouts are seeing much higher K/D ratios, according to WZ Ranked.

A gunfight rages around a loadout drop in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone meta loadouts in Season 4

Obviously the perfect loadout revolves a lot around a player’s preferences and skill level, but based on what we’ve highlighted in this guide so far, here’s a handful of loadouts that certainly top the Warzone meta right now.

Run and Gun class

Cold War AK-47
Cold War MP5
Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Stun Grenades

Sniper class

RAM-7/ Bullfrog
Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Heartbeat Sensor

Balanced class

MAC-10/ Cold War MP5
Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Heartbeat Sensor

LMG Class

MG 82
Cold War MP5
Double Time, Overkill, Amped
Heartbeat Sensor
Throwing Knife

Shotgun class

Gallo SA12
Double Time, Overkill, Tracker
Stun Grenades
Thermite Grenades

Check out our individual loadout guides to find the very best attachments for these weapons:

So that’s a pretty comprehensive look at the current meta as we head into Season 4. Early signs show the new C58 and MG 82 as being incredibly strong, so we’ve added them into our list of meta loadouts for now. Should the stats show otherwise, we’ll potentially remove them.

With more weapon balancing in the pipeline for Season 4, expect regular updates to this guide.

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