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Warzone meta for Season 6, top weapons and classes

In this battle royale there's always a new weapon on top, so here is the current Warzone Season 6 meta that is core to succeeding in matches.

Warzone Season 6 meta

The Warzone meta continues to change, and you need to adapt with it. If you want to make your time in Call of Duty Warzone worthwhile, you need to be making the most of the current top guns, perks, equipment, and builds in Warzone Season 6.

While the best Warzone guns in this guide are the core of each loadout, there’s a lot more to the game’s meta than just the pieces of your arsenal that fire bullets. To conjure up some of the best Warzone loadouts out there, you need to consider pairing your weaponry with great equipment and even better perks.

What is the Warzone meta?

The current Warzone meta in Season 6 is:

  • ISO 9mm, Kastov 762, Lachmann Sub, Lockwood 300, TR-76 Geist – meta weapons
  • Smoke Grenades (tactical), stun grenades (tactical), throwing knives (lethal) – meta equipment
  • Bomb Squad, Fast Hands, High Alert, Overkill – meta perks
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ISO 9mm, Kastov 762, Lachmann Sub, Lockwood 300, TR-76 Geist – meta weapons

Powerful weapons are at the forefront of any good setup, and there’s a real blend of new and returning Warzone meta weapons in the mix for Warzone Season 6.

Call of Duty Warzone meta: ISO 9mm

The freshly-released ISO 9mm has quickly become one of the best Warzone guns available. Unparalleled SMG damage and mobility give it an edge above other choices, so setting up this Warzone ISO 9mm loadout is your first priority.

Next up we have the meta titan – the Kastov 762. Like any Warzone gun, it has seen a fair share of nerfs and buffs, but constant updates can’t keep this sublime choice down. Packing power in place of a faster fire rate, you’ll destroy players with our Warzone Kastov 762 loadout.

The Lachmann Sub can’t be kept down, as the fan-favorite SMG returns to the fore for Warzone Season 6. The SMG class itself is in a really strong spot right now, and our Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout really exemplifies why – big damage in a small package.

Call of Duty Warzone meta: TR-76 Geist

The other new gun on the block in Season 6 – the TR-76 Geist – has also made it into the current Warzone meta, and we’re totally unsurprised. This is effectively a 7.62mm weapon with the recoil of a 5.56mm weapon, guaranteeing massive DPS with little drawback. Needless to say, you’re going to want to try out our Warzone TR-76 Geist loadout.

Finally, the Lockwood 300 has had a major buff in Warzone Season 6, thanks to the introduction of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger. Now, it’s possible for the 12 gauge shotgun to fire both of its chambered rounds simultaneously, and you can imagine just how devestating that is. Give our Warzone Lockwood 300 loadout a shot for optimal enjoyment.

Smoke Grenades (tactical), Stun Grenades (tactical), Throwing Knives (lethal) – best equipment

Smoke Grenades are still a staple for Warzone Season 6, providing you with easily deployed cover in the heat of battle. However, if this isn’t your style, then Stun Grenades will slow down your enemies, letting you spray them to death with a nifty SMG.

Throwing Knives are always handy for quickly finishing off an enemy, especially if you’re about to run out of ammo. Combined with the option to stealthy kill your targets, it can instantly down your foes, making it a must-have for the lethal slot.

Call of Duty Warzone meta: two operators aiming into the night

Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert – meta perks

The perks you should prioritize are Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, and High Alert in the current Warzone Season 6 meta. You can become quite the force to be reckoned with thanks to this setup, improving your odds of survivability massively. We recommend giving them a spin in Warzone Ranked Play too, if you’re feeling spicy enough for stronger competition.

Once you’ve put together your preferred weapon choices, using Overkill can bring them together, giving you more bang for your buck across any of the Warzone maps. Furthermore, with the addition of Vondel in Warzone previously, keeping an eye on enemy movement is vital throughout all of the many interiors you can enter. Using Tracker will make that job easier, and allow you to coordinate where enemies might be hiding.

Fast Hands is just too valuable for Warzone Season 6, as you’ll want to swap between your weapons with the quickest speed possible. If you’re opting to use some of the meta LMGs too, then Fast Hands is your best friend on the battlefield. Throw in High Alert, too, because there is always someone aiming at you – you just don’t know it. Now you will, as High Alert will point out whether you’re in the firing line.

So, that’s our rundown of the current Warzone meta. The game is one of the best battle royales and best FPS games out there, so you will want to be able to succeed in matches for bragging rights to your friends, or just for your own personal achievement. These guns, perks, and equipment options will all help you do just that. You can also get prepared ahead of a refresh of the game after the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives in November.