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Best Warzone loadouts and setups for Season 6

If you are looking for the best Warzone loadouts in Season 6, then this guide has some great weapon and perk combinations to help you win in the battle royale.

best warzone loadout season 6

What is the best Warzone loadout? There’s no point in dropping into the fray if you’re not using one of the best Warzone loadouts. An elite setup is vital to getting to racking up kills, securing victories, and getting out of tough situations in Warzone Season 6, which adds even more options for us to use.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure what makes up a fantastic Warzone loadout, build and class, because we’re here to make it easy for you. We play a lot of Warzone, so this comes from our extensive testing with each weapon to cook up the best loadouts and classes of them all. This guide breaks down which of best Warzone guns form the foundation of a great loadout, and how the current Warzone meta has shifted the playing field. With superb weapons, perks, and equipment, you’ll be leading the pack soon enough in the hit battle royale game.

Best Warzone loadouts

The best Warzone loadouts for Season 6 are:

These are the meta and most consistent loadouts and class setups in Call of Duty Warzone right now, using powerful and popular weapons alongside secondaries and equipment that synergize well.

One thing you’ll no doubt notice is that almost all the best Warzone loadouts use the same handful of perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, and High Alert. These are undoubtedly the best perks for pretty much any setup simply due to how powerful and valuable the bonus is.

For example, Overkill lets you carry two primary weapons. With fights in Warzone being either extremely long-range or very up close and personal, you need a weapon for both situations, all-but requiring you use this perk. Likewise, Fast Hands gives you faster weapon switching and equipment usage, as well as faster reload speed, which is too useful to turn down. While there is some slight variation, such as swapping Tracker for Double Time, you’ll often want to stick to these core perks.

Read on below for more information about each of the best Warzone loadouts, including the best attachments, perks, and more for the full class setup.

Best Warzone loadout: The Kastov 762 loadout and full class setup.

Kastov 762 and Lachmann Sub loadout

  • Primary: Kastov 762
  • Secondary: Lachmann Sub
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Throwing Knives
  • Perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert

We can’t stop singing the praises of the Kastov 762 when it comes to the best Warzone loadouts, and neither can other players. This excellent evolution of the AK-47 rifle family in the new iteration of Warzone boasts power, if you’re willing to sacrifice the fire rate. It is a superb weapon for long-range battles, and well as holding up in mid to close-range skirmishes if you have no other options. Even with the Kastov 762 nerf in Warzone, it’s still one of the most powerful and popular loadouts to run.

While testing setups for our Warzone Kastov 762 loadout, we ultimately decided that the best attachments are the KAS-10 584mm barrel (set at +0.26, +0.11), the Tempus GH50 muzzle (set at +0.50, +0.33), the FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel (set at +0.80, +0.40), the 40 Round Mag, and the AIM OP-V4 optic (set at -2.18, 0.00). Tuning is down to personal preference, so you’re free to change aspects if you’d like to, but this next-to-no recoil build will come in clutch across all the Warzone maps.

Alongside it, we recommend running the Lachmann Sub, which has once again returned to the forefront of the Warzone meta in Season 6. Will we ever escape this weapon? As for the attachments, we recommend our standard Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout build which decimates at close range. This includes the L38 Falcon 226mm barrel (tuned to -0.21, +0.26), VLK LZR 7MW laser (tuned to -0.25, -21.23), 9mm Hollow Point ammunition (tuned to +9.00, +0.70), 50 Round Drum Mag, and the FT Mobile Stock (tuned for -2.18, -2.71).

Getting Throwing Knives in your lethal slot gives you an alternative if you’re slick enough, as you can instantly down or finish downed enemies with them. These are the perfect accompaniment for the Lachmann Sub when you’re forced into close-range firefights, much like the Flash Grenades.

Best Warzone loadouts: The BAS-P SMG in a grey weapon case.

BAS-P and Tempus Razorback loadout

  • Primary: BAS-P
  • Secondary: Tempus Razorback
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Drill Charge/Throwing Knives
  • Perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert

Thanks to recent buffs to the BAS-P’s damage range and ADS speed, this SMG has quickly taken a spot among the best Warzone loadouts. We love using it in our matches and the community is loving it now too, ranking as the second most-used weapon according to WarzoneStats.gg.

From our experience, the BAS-P excels with the Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider, the tried and true VLK LZR 7MW, the Bruen Flash V4 Stock, a 50 Round Drum magazine, and 9mm Hollow Point ammunition. These attachments serve to increase overall mobility, especially as the incredibly useful 50 Round Drum reduces mobility in turn. However, the most useful attachment by far is the 9mm Hollow Point ammo since it adds crippling power that will knock your opponent’s aim off. Overall, you’ll have an agile SMG that’s perfect for running and gunning.

You will need much more than that to have one of the best Warzone loadouts though, as the BAS-P is, ultimately, only an SMG. As such, we recommend bringing the Tempus Razorback along with you. This assault rifle has excellent recoil control and damage, so it works wonders as a backup to this deadly close-range SMG. On the Tempus Razorback, we recommend attachments to boost long-range firepower such as the XTEN Ported 290 barrel, 18″ TACK-2L barrel, DM Proto-Grip, 60 Round Mag, and the AIM OP-V4. After all, we’re mainly using this for backup when we need something with a little more range.

Last but not least, we recommend running Flash Grenades and either a Drill Change or Throwing Knives in this best Warzone loadout. The Flash and Drill Charge are perfect for pushing enemies or flushing them out, especially when we’ve got the BAS-P to demolish them in CQC. However, we like using Throwing Knives too for a quick finish on a downed foe as the BAS-P can take a while to reload when you do eventually run out of ammo in the drum.

Check out our Warzone BAS-P loadout and Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout to learn more.

Warzone best loadout: TR-76 Geist

TR-76 Geist and ISO 9mm loadout

  • Primary: TR-76 Geist
  • Secondary: ISO 9mm
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Drill Charge
  • Perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert

The TR-76 Geist hasn’t taken long to establish itself in the Warzone meta. Used by newcomers and COD experts alike, this impressive piece of kit can get the job done with ease if you give it some TLC.

Since its release at the start of Season 6, however, this Warzone best loadout has been the target of nerfs. It’s still superb, as the nerfs only targeted close-range effectiveness, though it is, nonetheless, not quite the incredible all-rounder it once was. Since we’re bringing the ISO 9mm with us, it’s not too much of an issue though.

As per our Warzone TR-76 Geist loadout, all you need to get this beast up and running is these attachments: Bruen Bridle Heavy barrel, ZLR Talon 5 muzzle, FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, 7.62 High Velocity ammo, and a 45 Round Mag. This will make the heavy-hitting TR-76 Geist a laser beam even at long-range while maintaining the high damage.

Unfortunately, it does come with sacrifices to mobility, but that’s why loadouts exist, right? We’ll be compensating for this downside with a great backup weapon better suited to close-range fights.

Again, you’ll need something quick in your secondary slot, and you can’t go wrong with the ISO 9mm. As we suggest in our Warzone ISO 9mm loadout, put on the RES 2 stock, 9mm Hollow Point ammo, 50 Round Drum Mag, A30 Stout rear grip, and the VLK LZR 7MW laser to achieve a setup worthy of a dub. As you’ll be leaning into a run-and-gun style with the ISO 9mm equipped, Stun Grenades and Drill Charges can open up windows of opportunity to strike back, especially if there are multiple targets to take down.

Another weapon we like to use alongside the TR-76 is the BAS-P and even the ever-reliable Lachmann Sub. The ISO 9mm isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so we recommend looking at these alternatives.

As you’ll be leaning into a run-and-gun style with the ISO 9mm (or any SMG, for that matter) equipped, Stun Grenades and Drill Charges can open up windows of opportunity to strike back, especially if there are multiple targets to take down.

Best Warzone loadout: The Lockwood 300 loadout and full class setup.

Lockwood 300 and Kastov 762 loadout

  • Primary: Lockwood 300
  • Secondary: Kastov 762
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Throwing Knives
  • Perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert

You might not have been expecting a shotgun to be dominating such a large-scale mode, but the latest attachment for the Lockwood 300 has made it a menace in Warzone.

As we argue in our Warzone Lockwood 300 loadout, you’re going to want to focus on improving this weapon’s one-shot potential by boosting range and speed. That’s why we recommend the brand-new Maelstrom Dual Trigger, the Sakin DB107 muzzle, Matuzek 812 barrel, Schlager ULO-66 laser, and the Heist Stock Mod. The most important attachment here is the new Maelstrom Dual Trigger which causes this double-barrel shotgun to fire both shots at once. While new Warzone nerfs have targeted this Lockwood build to reduce its effectiveness, it’s still the one-hit king in close range.

However, as you might expect, this shotgun won’t serve you very well outside of close-range. That’s why we suggest you bring the ever-reliable Kastov 762 assault rifle as well. With the KAS-10 584mm barrel, the Tempus GH50 muzzle, the FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, the 40 Round Mag, and the AIM OP-V4 optic attachments, you’ll now have a strong weapon for longer ranges.

Alternatively, you could bring the Tempus Razorback instead, with similar attachments to improve its range. Both the Kastov 762 and the Tempus Razorback are currently ruling the meta, so either one works well to make one of the best Warzone loadouts in the game right now.

While the Lockwood 300 downs foes in one swift pull of the trigger with the Maelstrom Dual Trigger, you won’t have enough ammo left to finish the job. That’s why Throwing Knives are absolutely crucial here, letting you briskly finish a downed enemy without having to take the time to reload or swap weapons. As usual, bring Flash Grenades to help get the advantage on enemies in close-range fights before swooping in with the Lockwood 300 to clean up.

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FJX Imperium and Lachmann Sub loadout

  • Primary: FJX Imperium
  • Secondary: Lachmann Sub
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Proximity Mines
  • Perks: Overkill, Double Time, Fast Hands, High Alert

Sniper fans rejoice, because the Warzone FJX Imperium loadout is still the king when it comes to sniper rifles. From our experience sniping enemies from afar, you want to run the Skull-40 rear grip, Field-Wrapped Handle underbarrel, Tac Command 19″ barrel, VLK LZR 7MW laser, and some 408. Explosive ammo. Explosive ammo on a sniper? What’s not to love?

These additions all help round out the weapon and give you small boosts and bonuses in key areas like having plate-shredding bullets, improving stability, or assisting with accuracy. Now your FJX Imperium is all setup for agile precision sniping, so long as you’ve got the skills to back it up.

But what should you accompany your sniper with? Surprise, surprise, the Lachmann Sub strikes again. This weapon has remained strong and is still sat in the top guns list while others have come and gone simply due to how versatile it is. In Season 6, it’s still a great addition to your loadout, especially when paired with the long-range FJX Imperium. We recommend the L38 Falcon 226mm barrel, VLK LZR 7MW laser, 9mm Hollow Point ammunition, 50 Round Drum Mag, and the FT Mobile Stock. And now you’ve got the close-range backup you need to complement the sniping playstyle.

If you’ve had enough of the Lachmann Sub and fancy something slightly different (we don’t blame you), then you can also use the BAS-P instead. Boasting similarly great close-range and even mid-range power, the BAS-P is a scrappy SMG that makes for a great sniper support weapon.

Then, Proximity Mines should be your choice for equipment, alongside a Flash Grenade or Smoke Grenade. That way you can have your back covered and protect yourself while scoping out opponents in a prime sniping spot. However, you might also like to use Drill Charges to flush enemies out of cover and into your crosshairs, particularly if you’re a more offensive player that stays on the move.

Warzone Best Loadouts: Two people can be seen

ISO Hemlock and ISO 45 loadout

  • Primary: ISO Hemlock
  • Secondary: ISO 45
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Throwing Knives
  • Perks: Overkill, Tracker, Fast Hands, High Alert

While the ISO Hemlock isn’t quite as dominant in Season 6 as it was before, it’s still one of our favorite assault rifles to frag out with, and one we’d definitely recommend trying out if you’re tired of the meta. That’s why we’ve got all ISO in this Warzone best loadout.

When it comes to setting up this trusty AR, we’ve tested several setups for our Warzone ISO Hemlock loadout. Right now, we recommend the Cronen Mini Red Dot, Fielder T50 barrel, Harbinger D20 muzzle, FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, and the 45 round Mag. The 45-Round Mag is the premiere attachment on this build as it will just help you survive and hold out for longer in a firefight, especially if you are targeted by multiple teams at once. The rest of the build then helps smoothen out the overall stats to make it a more consistent and reliable weapon in mid and long-range shootouts.

Pair with this the ISO 45, it’s close-range SMG sibling, and you’ve got yourself a deadly loadout that can handle the variety of engagements you’ll find yourself in. As our Warzone ISO 45 loadout recommends, use the Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider muzzle, EXP Shear rear grip, 7″ Ex Raptor-V2 barrel, Demo Fade Tac stock, and the 45-Round Drum magazine. When you’re getting pushed by a group of players (or if you’re the one doing the pushing), switch to the ISO 45 for some rapid SMG house cleaning.

As you might expect, you can swap the ISO 45 out for another meta SMG if you’d like and you’ll still have one of the best Warzone loadouts. This could be the age old Lachmann Sub, or newly buffed BAS-P, or even the ISO 9mm.

We recommend bringing a Throwing Knife to finish off downed foes when they get to close, though equipment like the Drill Charge will also help you out too, allowing you to throw it onto a wall before you charge into a room.

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If you want to get ahead of the game, then there’s a few guns we recommend keeping an eye on when it comes to the best Warzone loadouts after the MW3 integration. Right now, we expect the DG-58 and Holger-556 assault rifles to absolutely dominate as primary weapons due to their stellar TTKs and accuracy at range. Similarly, the BAS-B battle rifle (not to be confused with the BAS-P SMG) is devastating at nearly all ranges, even beating out SMGs at close range and marksman rifles at long range.

On the other hand, the SMG meta is also set to be shaken up with several new arrivals from the main Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer arsenal. The Rival-9 and the AMR9 are expected to do exceptionally well given the close and mid-range effectiveness of both of these feisty submachine guns.

These are among the best MW3 weapons due to their solids stats so we expect they will hold up well in the move to the larger scale of Warzone too. There’s also the MW3 Aftermarket Parts system that already changes a handful of weapons quite significantly, with more on the way in each Season. As such, we recommend you keep a close eye on them and be prepared to level them up as soon as the Warzone MW3 integration occurs. If you’ve got access to MW3 multiplayer or MW3 Zombies, then you can even level them up in advance.

And those are the best Warzone loadouts to put together in Season 6. Warzone is one of the best FPS games out there right now, and looks set to get even better once the Call of Duty MW3 release date arrives with new maps, weapons, and movement all arriving.