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Warzone ISO 9mm loadout best build and class setup

Check out the best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout to find out the strongest build and class setup for the feisty Season 6 SMG dominating the meta.

Warzone ISO 9mm loadout: The ISO 9mm build against a blurred, green-tinted background of gameplay.

What is the best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout? It shouldn’t be any surprise that a shiny new SMG is wiping the floor in the Call of Duty battle royale, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the optimal setup to compete. As the saying goes: if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s why we’ve prepared the best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout and build so you’re ready for anything.

The Warzone ISO 9mm is the hot new weapon on the block, as one of the arrivals in the Warzone Season 6 guns list. It didn’t take long for players to take to it and herald it as one of the best Warzone guns you can use right now, so don’t miss out before the meta moves on.

Warzone ISO 9mm loadout

The best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout is:

  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW (-25.00, -0.24)
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum
  • Stock: RES 2 (-0.24, 0.40)
  • Rear Grip: A30 Stout (-0.10, +0.60)
  • Ammunition: 9mm Hollow Point (+9.00, +0.70)

Kicking things off, we’ve gone for the ol’ reliable VLK LZR 7MW. This is a great pick for almost any close-range weapon, boosting aim down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed. You’re going to want to be aggressive with the ISO 9mm, so having the added mobility is a must for getting in and getting out of combat quickly.

With such a fast-firing SMG, the 50 Round Drum magazine is irresistible. With the standard magazine you’ll quickly burn through ammo and find yourself reloading constantly, while the 50 Round Drum lasts significantly longer. Due to the hearty ammo increase though, you will suffer penalties to movement speed, aim down sight speed, reload quickness, and sprint to fire speed. Given how ineffective the standard magazine is, the 50 Round Drum is a necessity, despite the drawbacks.

Up next we’ve got the RES 2 stock. While the Mace 650 and the Collapsed Stock are also great options, catering towards more control and speed respectively, the RES 2 stock offers the perfect balance. This stock provides bonus sprint speed, crouch movement speed, aim walking speed, and aim down sight speed, at the cost of aiming stability and recoil control. This will let you move around incredibly fast while also letting you maintain your target better while aiming, which is vital for such an aggressive weapon.

The A30 Stout rear grip brings to the table increased recoil control and the cost of aiming stability. With the fast rate of fire quickly kicking the weapon up to the right, greater recoil control is much needed to make sure you can stay on target when you’re not directly in your enemy’s face. The EXP Shear is a great alternative option, however, if you favor increased sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed over recoil control. Given the rest of the attachments focus on speed, we prefer the A30 Stout.

Last but not least, we’ve gone for the 9mm Hollow Point ammunition. With such a high fire rate, your enemies will quickly feel the pain of the crippling effect, unable to effectively escape and fight back. Though it does reduce bullet penetration, the crippling effect is a more than worthy trade-off, reducing enemy movement speed and making it harder for them to aim. As for tuning, we like to max out damage range and bullet velocity, with a +0.70 and +9.00 tuning respectively.

If you want some added control and mobility, you could swap the ammunition attachment entirely in favor of a muzzle, such as the FTAC Castle Comp, Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider, or the Lockshot KT85. These will make the weapon much easier to use, though you will miss out on the utility offered by Hollow Point ammo.

If you’re looking to see a similar Warzone ISO 9mm build in action, check out the video below by ‘WhosImmortal’:

YouTube Thumbnail

And that covers the best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout, though you’ll likely want to have the full class setup given how aggressive and close-range this SMG is. Otherwise you’ll be left at a disadvantage in most firefights.

Best Warzone ISO 9mm class setup

With the ISO 9mm dominating in close-range, you’ll want a long-range weapon for a backup. If you’ve tried to use the ISO 9mm past about 20m, you will no doubt have seen how ineffective it is when you’re not up close and personal. We recommend the Warzone M13B loadout and the Warzone Kastov 762 loadout for mid to long-range assault rifles. If you want, you could really push the boat out with the Warzone MCPR 300 loadout if you’re adept with sniper rifles. Whatever you choose, you want something that you can rely on when you’re out of ISO 9mm range.

For equipment, we’ve opted for the Drill Charge to flush enemies out of buildings and cover, letting us then swoop in with the ISO 9mm to clean up. However, you could also use the Throwing Knife to quickly finish downed opponents. For your tactical option, we like a trusty Smoke Grenade to give us room to escape or close the gap when needed.

And we can’t forget about the perks, perhaps the biggest choice besides the ISO 9mm build. As with most class setups, we recommend Overkill, High Alert, Fast Hands, and Double Time – the meta perks. Overkill is a must-have since it lets you carry two primary weapons, which you’ll need given the limited range of the ISO 9mm. High Alert will give you a ping when enemies have you in their sights, letting us know we should probably evade to avoid an untimely death. Fast Hands and Double Time are all about increasing speed and handling – both perfect areas to improve with an aggressive SMG setup like the ISO 9mm.

Best Warzone ISO 9mm alternatives

The best Warzone ISO 9mm alternatives are the ISO 45 and the Lachmann Sub, both close-range SMGs.

It may sound obvious but the Warzone ISO 45 loadout is the best alternative. Given it’s the same weapon platform, sharing similar stats and much of the same attachments, both weapons are very, very similar. The main difference is that the ISO 45 can push slightly further ranges, while the ISO 9mm will often win at point-blank range. The Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout is also similar in many ways, providing a run-and-gun playstyle but slightly more range than the ISO 9mm.

Now you know the best Warzone ISO 9mm loadout to dominate the Warzone meta. Despite it being one of the newest weapons added to the game, it’s quickly been adopted by many to become part of the best Warzone loadouts, so get out there and claim victory.