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Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout best attachments, class setup

Make use of the best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout, equipped with the best attachments and class setup to crush the opposition on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout: An image of the Tempus Razorback against a blurred background of Ashika Island.

If you’re looking for an accurate and reliable assault rifle, then the best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout is the one for you. The Warzone Season 4 weapon quickly made waves as a powerful new addition to the arsenal. So, once you’ve unlocked the weapon, the next step is to get the best Tempus Razorback loadout in Warzone. Luckily, we’ve done all the leg work for you.

The Call of Duty Warzone Tempus Razorback is a great jack-of-all-trades assault rifle, possibly even one of the Warzone best assault rifles once the dust has settled on the Warzone meta. And if you haven’t quite got the weapon yet, find out how to unlock the Tempus Razorback in Warzone so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout

The best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout is:

  • Muzzle: XTEN Ported 290 – +0.65, +0.18
  • Barrel: 16” TANKR-V – +0.21, -0.28
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 – +0.41, +0.40
  • Optic: AIM OP-V4 – +0.48, -1.65
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

First off, the XTEN Ported 290 muzzle is perfect for helping balance the recoil control. However, it does hinder aim down sight speed and aiming stability which can make it feel on the heavier side. A balanced vertical tuning and a horizontal tuning towards bullet velocity is your best bet.

Next up, the 16” TANKR-V barrel will further improve bullet velocity and offer greater recoil control at the cost of movement speed and aim down-sight speed. Having such high bullet velocity and reduced recoil will make hitting long-range targets a much easier task, going toe to toe with the Warzone best guns. Tuning will take this up another level, maxing out recoil steadiness and damage range. However, if you’re finding the weapon sluggish then tuning towards aim down sight speed is an alternative option.

The FTAC Ripper 56 is a very popular underbarrel attachment that works on nearly any weapon, from the Tempus Razorback to the best Warzone Lachmann-556 loadout. This attachment will offer greater aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization at the cost of walking speed and aim down-sight speed. We’ll be tuning this for recoil stabilization to make this weapon deadly at longer ranges, though you could also tune for aim down sight speed if you’d rather.

The AIM OP-V4 optic is the meta pick right now for most weapons looking to dominate mid to long-range, and the best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout is no different. This offers a clear optic for farther ranges at the cost of aim-down sight speed. However, since we’ll be tuning it towards aim-down-sight speed, it isn’t all that detrimental.

However, if you don’t want or need an optic, then the Casus X rear grip is a strong choice. This will make up for many of the drawbacks of the above attachments by providing faster sprint-to-fire speed and aim-down sight speed. While this will also hinder recoil control, our other attachments have that more than covered. Nevertheless, we’ll now be more adaptable and agile which is great for when you’re fighting groups or at closer ranges. Recoil steadiness and aiming idle stability are likely the best tunings, though further improvements to aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed are also good options.

And as the cherry on top, the 60 Round Mag is perfect for when you’re fighting groups or missing shots as you’ll have lots to spare. Remember though, an increased magazine does have its drawbacks, namely decreased agility. Don’t expect to beat the best Warzone FTAC Siege loadout in close range.

You can see a similar setup by ‘EyeQew’ in action here:

YouTube Thumbnail

Best Warzone Tempus Razorback class setup

As for the best class setup for the Tempus Razorback in Warzone, you’re going to want a close-range secondary weapon to pair with it. This could be one of the Warzone best SMG options, like the Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout or Warzone BAS-P loadout. However, the Warzone best shotgun weapons will also do the trick, such as the deadly Warzone KV Broadside loadout. Since the best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout emphasizes its medium and long-range potency, it can be lacking in chaotic skirmishes.

When it comes to the best Perk options for this class, there are a couple of good choices. Overkill, High Alert, Fast Hands, and Double Time will be the best picks, as usual. Overkill lets you use another primary weapon, such as the SMGs and other weapons we recommended above. On the other hand, High Alert keeps us informed of potential threats, while Fast Hands and Double Time help us with agility, which is sorely needed with such a hefty weapon as the HCR 56. Battle Hardened can also be a strong contender, reducing the effects of various stuns and effects.

As for equipment, the Drill Charge and Smoke Grenade will do the trick. The Drill Charge is amazing for flushing enemies out of cover before charging in or waiting for them to come to you, meanwhile, the Smoke Grenade provides a tactical retreat or opportunity to push.

Well, that’s all there is to know about the best Warzone Tempus Razorback loadout right now, including the best attachments and class setup to use. With this, you’ll have one of the Warzone best loadouts for the season, so get out there and get some wins.