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Warzone 2 best loadouts in Season 4

If you are dropping into Vondel in Season 4, here's our recommendations for the best Warzone 2 loadouts and classes ahead of your next game.

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts: A soldier can be seen with a sniper rifle

We know Call of Duty wants you to think that the best weapon in the game is your team, but when it comes to Warzone 2, you’re going to need one of the best Warzone 2 loadouts if you really want to succeed. A team is great, but you don’t want to be a liability. Of course, your squad and your strategy are important, but you need to have the right equipment to help support them and that is where this article comes in.

If you’re sitting there wondering what differentiates the completely average loadouts from the best ones when it comes to Warzone 2, then we have done that hard work for you. The best Warzone 2 guns are mentioned below and paired with some great perks, secondary weapons, and equipment that allow them to stand out beyond just the attachments you equip. These loadouts are a part of the current Warzone 2 meta for the season and as such should be ones you equip in a match.

Best Warzone 2 loadouts

The best Warzone 2 loadouts are:

  • Cronen Squall loadout with Overkill and KV Broadside
  • ISO Hemlock loadout with Drill Charge and Double Time
  • Vaznev-9k loadout with Double Time and Fast Hands
  • MCPR-300 loadout with Overkill and Lachmann Sub

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts: 2 Soldiers can be seen

Cronen Squall loadout with Overkill and KV Broadside

The Cronen Squall has made its way to the top of the best Warzone 2 guns list in Season 3 and is still there in Season 4 with the ongoing long-range meta that is currently persisting. As such, it can’t be omitted from our best loadouts collection.

In terms of attachments, you are going to want to run the following: Cronen Mini Pro, ZLR Talon 5, Edge-47 Grip, 6.8 High Velocity, FSS OLE-V Laser. These attachments will help you build a stable, long-range powerhouse which is where the meta is currently focused right now. With it, you can also pair the Overkill perk.

This perk is by far the best in Warzone and with a long-range weapon, you will need something for those moments where someone gets a bit too close for comfort. The KV Broadside is the perfect option as it is still a shotgun worth having in your class, even though it has been nerfed quite a bit since it was introduced. It can still hold its own!

Alongside it, equip the Heartbeat Sensor to clear your camping spot of any enemies. Additionally, Drill Charges are by far the best lethal equipment as that way you can barge into rooms and clear them out before entering, or be ready for a firefight with the shotgun. The best part is, none of this comes at the cost of long-range control and dominance as the Cronen Squall has that covered.

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts: Two people can be seen

ISO Hemlock loadout with Drill Charge and Double Time

Next up we have the ISO Hemlock. While it isn’t quite as strong as it once was, it is still by far one of the dominant assault rifles. In order to make the most of it, run the Cronen Mini Red Dot, Fielder T50, Harbinger D20, FTAC Ripper 56, and 45 Round Mag.

Like with the Vaznev below, the 45-Round Mag will just help you survive and hold out for longer when faced with multiple people or an entire team swarming your location or safe spot. The rest of the build then helps smoothen out the recoil, damage range, and boost bullet velocity.

When you look at the rest of the class, opt for an X12 or X13 pistol, which will allow you to have a backup just in case you find yourself surprised by an enemy and need to reload. Equipment like the Drill Charge will also assist too, allowing you to disrupt an enemy camping or holding out behind a wall, either stunning them or catching them off-guard before you make your entrance.

Perk-wise choose Double Time to give your mobility and movement that extra boost and Fast Hands to be able to reload faster. This will allow you to keep your gun up and on target as you watch corners and blind spots.

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts: A soldier can be seen

Vaznev-9k loadout with Double Time and Fast Hands

The Vaznev-9K has risen up the rankings of the top Warzone 2 guns and become a part of the meta. It is now one of the strongest weapons if not the strongest for mobility classes. With this setup, it can become even stronger and you can dominate matches in the battle royale with it. Double Time and Fast Hands are two perks you want to run to really accentuate the fast-paced playstyle you will need with a gun of this type.

But, an alternate choice is Overkill. This allows you to run a longer-range alternative, such as the MCPR-300, which is listed also in this guide, or the Cronen Squall which can be found in a loadout above. When it comes to the gun itself, there are a few attachments you want to prioritize.

The 45-Round Mag is the first one as it can help you increase your damage output and survival if you happen to find yourself in amongst a scrum of several other teams or a whole team. Additionally, the SA Response III, Otrezat Stock, True-Tac Grip, and Schaleger PEW Box IV all complement the weapon well, improving the various aspects of it while evening out its recoil, range, bullet velocity, and accuracy.

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts: Three soldiers can be seen

MCPR-300 loadout with Overkill and Lachmann Sub

If you are a fan of sniper rifles, the MCPR-300 is at the top of the list right now. Its power and mobility really help it stand out from the rest of the sniper rifles which are pretty middling currently. On it, you want to run the 17.5 Orca Barrel, FSS Ole-V Laser, Cronen Cheetah Grip, Cronen Smooth Bolt, and the 5-round mag.

Then, elsewhere in the class, pair it with the Overkill perk and the Lachmann Sub. Throughout all of Warzone 2’s seasons, the Lachmann Sub has remained dominant, and in Season 4 it is just as good. Additionally, on the perk front, Strong Arm, Spotter, and Survivor are what you want to run to really excel in the long-range playstyle that this loadout requires. Then, to protect your back the claymore or proximity mines should be your choice for equipment, alongside a stun or smoke (just in case you need to surprise and rush an enemy).

So those are our picks for the best Warzone 2 loadouts right now. As the meta changes, we’ll be sure to add and remove loadouts as they become stronger or fall out of favor with players. We’ll also keep this list filled with options across weapon types so no matter your playstyle, you can rack up wins in one of the best battle royale games out there.