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Fable devs call for backup on the massive Xbox-exclusive RPG

Third Kind Games has helped optimize epic games like Forza and Hearthstone, and now it’s turned its talents to the Fable reboot on Xbox.

Fable Third Kind Games: Richard Ayaoade in Fable with a big grin on his face

It’s weird to think it’s been the best part of a year since we last saw a giant Richard Ayoade appear on our screens to introduce the first in-game trailer for the Fable reboot. Since then it’s all been quiet on the Western front, as developer Playground Games has seemingly continued whittling away at the Xbox exclusive. However, it looks like the studio isn’t working alone, as Third Kind Games has been brought on as a new co-developer.

Yes, the Blankos Block Party developer has signed on to help produce what is widely expected to be one of the best RPG games of, well, whichever year it arrives on Microsoft’s consoles. While the blockchain association may not spark joy for some, it looks like the studio is going to have more to do with optimizing Playground’s open-world game, based on its other projects.

According to Third Kind’s website, it has offered its creative services to multiple IPs, including Forza, Hearthstone, and Predecessor. Outside of its first-party work, the developer has worked to ensure major triple-A releases meet their performance goals. Additionally, with Hearthstone in particular, Third Kind has been brought in to develop and implement new modes and features. Now, as was spotted by Pure Xbox, Fable is listed as one of the projects it’s lending a hand on.

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Third Kind’s introduction to the mix could be indicative of Playground Games’ progress with Fable. If it’s already at the optimization stage then the new Xbox game could arrive sooner rather than later. Alternatively, the studio could need some extra firepower when it comes to fleshing out side or extra content for the game – something Third Kind’s done in the past.

Ahead of the next big Xbox showcase this summer, the prospect of Fable being at a point in its development that could result in new footage being shown is very exciting indeed – Microsoft definitely needs more good news following its tumultuous start to the year in regard to its Xbox exclusives. Though Ayoade’s inclusion is already enough for this writer to slam it on the list of best Xbox games, some proper gameplay footage would certainly help its case.

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