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Kill the Justice League’s most important update finally gets a date

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League's much needed patch finally has a date attached to it, as Rocksteady outlines Season 1 update plans.

Kill the Justice League update: An image of Harley Quinn and the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

The next couple of weeks will be important for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, as Rocksteady launches the game’s first seasonal update. Kill the Justice League players have been encountering a myriad of frustrating bugs in the build up to Season 1, taking momentum out of the struggling looter shooter’s sails. Now, you can mark Tuesday, March 26, 2024, on your calendars to download this vital PS5 and Xbox update.

While many players may leave Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League on the sidelines until its biggest issues are patched out, Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse sequel is a great co-op game when it shines. Season 1 could spread that notion further, and in the game’s latest development diary, Rocksteady is eager to get fans onside.

“We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the next patch, which will include many fixes and improvements to ongoing issues. This patch will be releasing on Tuesday, March 26 and will include the download for Season 1,” Rocksteady clarifies. Furthermore, recent hotfixes have improved logging into the divisive multiplayer game, while alleviating loading times and nullifying game-breaking crashes. The studio says it is already seeing “improvements” on this front, as well getting the game’s matchmaking systems back up to scratch.

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Weirdly enough, a temporary solution to fixing the game’s matchmaking issues is by messing around with your controller. “For players still experiencing multiplayer or load time issues, we also recommend resetting your custom key bindings and/or controller layout to default,” Rocksteady says. While this isn’t ideal, the studio notes that this “should help” while it works on “a solution for all players.”

Hopefully, this should be rectified in the forthcoming PS5 and Xbox update. We’ve been expericing some pretty brutal crashes in our time with the game recently. Incursion missions like Killing Time are the biggest culprit here, completely breaking the game just as we get into our groorve.

This update will also plant the seeds, literally, for Season 1 by pre-installing its content. Season 1 introduces the Joker as a new playable character, alongside fresh gear, mutators for Incursions, and more surprises along the way.  You’ll need to have your desired character’s build in order if you’re thinking of facing these new threats at a higher Mastery levels, and Rocksteady is making sure you’re prepared with a series of meta-focused videos.

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We’ve been leaning toward Captain Boomerang in recent weeks, using Tier 3 Bane gear and their Master variants to turn him into a powerhouse. There’s plenty of versatility to Kill the Justice League’s loadouts, with secret villain synergies still yet to be found. And if you’re still on the fence about the game, there’s a considerable discount on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Deluxe Edition right now.

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