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Suicide Squad update signals pain from Mastery foes, but we like it

If you thought Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Mastery foes were tough, the new PS5 and Xbox patch ensures you’ve seen nothing yet.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League patch notes february 2024: An image of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad KTJL.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League keeps the pressure on in its endgame, and that’s exactly how it should be. The Rocksteady Studios looter shooter layers on the heat with Mastery levels, which introduce considerably tougher versions of the game’s various enemies. Now, a new Suicide Squad update shows that Rocksteady isn’t holding back when it comes to making players truly earn their stripes, as it makes the endgame grind even tougher.

Like you, we’re gutted that the supremely powerful burn build has been nerfed, especially with these recent changes. In the new Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League patch notes, Rocksteady details that “with the fix to burning damage, players will be less likely to get to the same Mastery Level as before. As a result, we will be creating new leaderboards in the interest of fairness.” The new PS5 game encourages players to taunt and overthrow each other on the leaderboards, whether that is by completing missions faster or on higher Mastery levels.

Mastery levels, if you don’t know, are a separate layer of difficulty exclusive to Incursion missions. You’ll need to keep pushing yourself to unlock higher levels by completing Incursion at the highest possible level you have unlocked. With that in mind, Rocksteady confirms it is “hearing the concerns around hitting a wall when climbing Mastery levels, we have reduced enemy health scaling for Mastery levels 46 and above.”

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This is great if you’re trying to increase your Finite Crisis level quickly, but the real test of your skill will come from challenging Mastery level 46 and beyond. If you’re brave enough, and strong enough to do so, you’ll now face off against enemies that “deal more damage.”

In fact, there are over 27 different enemy types (if you include boss fights) in the fresh multiplayer game. So whether you’re fighting a Batman or Flash-infused enemy, you’ll need to adapt your builds accordingly.

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Whether you’re a fan of these or changes or not, the future of Kill the Justice League content is looking great. Season 1 is likely to drop in the coming weeks, bringing us new activities and our first fresh playable villain in the form of the Joker. We’re also tracking clues alluding to the return of Batman, and this iconic DC Comics baddie.