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Incredibly, Suicide Squad KTJL just leaked its own Season 2 DLC

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s villains are cold killers, but they’re not as chilling as this leaked DLC character for Season 2.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Mr Freeze DLC: An image of Mr Freeze holding the Suicide Squad game.

Once you’ve beaten Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s story, the real grind begins to save Metropolis and the entire multiverse. Our ragtag villains will need every reluctant ally to emerge victorious, and Suicide Squad KTJL Season 2 already has us majorly excited. Forget the Joker for now, as Rocksteady Studios has let it slip that a new version of Mr Freeze is joining the Squad.

With so many multiverse possibilities in the new DC Comics open world game, anyone could hop over to the Arkhamverse, and one person making the leap appears to be Victoria Fries – the daughter of ice-cold villain Mr Freeze. Dialog between Victoria and main antagonist Brainiac can be heard in-game, but it’s not meant to be there and will soon be patched out. As spotted by ‘Lionsward’ on social media, Brainiac says “I didn’t expect you to be the weak link in the chain, Freeze.” However, this new version of Freeze isn’t confirmed to be in the game yet, and the screenshot clearly shows the player roaming around as Deadshot. Whoops. 

The end credits of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, alongside a cool easter egg, tease what players can expect in forthcoming seasonal updates. Each new character is covered in shadow, but the chilling background can only be associated with Mr Freeze or Killer Frost in DC Comics canon. The latter has aided the Suicide Squad before in the DC Rebirth universe, while Mr Freeze has remained one of the best villains in the Batman rogue gallery. With a sympathetic backstory and amazing character design, Mr Freeze is a top tier adversary, and Rocksteady has a great opportunity to do something fresh here.

Suicide Squad Mr Freeze DLC: An image of Brainiac talking to Victoria Freeze in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

According to Suicide Squad reporter Miller Ross, datamining of the game reveal this iteration is based on Victoria Fries, Mr Freeze’s daughter from Earth 1-616 in the comics. It is a surprising deviation, as we expected that Rocksteady would go with Nora Fries instead. Nora, Victoria’s mother, becomes a super villain in her own right after Mr Freeze cures her of a terminal illness that required her to be cryogenically frozen for years. Although, Miller claims that Nora will be brought to the Arkhamverse alongside Victoria when Season 2 arrives.

This is based on voice files the leaker has acquired through digging into the game’s files. However, though the post-credits roadmap teases an order of events going forward, it is possible that this could be a red herring. Leaks surrounding Deathstroke’s arrival in Season 4 could change, and we might see characters appear in a completely different order. Until Rocksteady Studios releases a new Suicide Squad Insider episode, this is just speculation. 

Kill the Justice League, despite its divisive reputation before launch, is shaping up to be one of the best multiplayer games around. With great depictions of characters like Wonder Woman, and a bold take on Batman, there is a lot to uncover. 

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We know that the Joker will be the focus of Season 1, but it won’t be the version voiced by Star Wars and Batman The Animated Series legend Mark Hamill. This version is way more insecure and in need of some friends while battling Brainiac. We’re sure he’ll get along with the Squad like a house on fire in the multiverse.