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Be the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League first season

Kill the Justice League early access is almost here for PS5 and Xbox, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play as the Joker.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Early Access: An image of The Joker.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is almost here for PS5 and Xbox players with the Kill the Justice League early access beginning on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. This isn’t the only exciting news though, as the latest insider episode from the game’s developers has revealed that the Joker will be appearing as a playable character in the first season.

This isn’t the Joker that you’re familiar with, though. Mark Hamill’s iteration of the Clown Prince of Gotham passed away in Arkham City, and now Rocksteady Studios is introducing a multiversal variant of the character. The Joker isn’t as experienced this time around and is far more insecure about their status as a top-tier criminal in the Gotham City underworld. Design-wise, the Joker leans into a vaudeville aesthetic, taking inspiration from Paul Leni’s 1928 piece of classic cinema, The Man Who Laughs.

You’ll be using a weapon set seemingly inspired by The Batman Who Laughs, a ‘Jokerized’ version of Bruce Wayne that wields a gnarly chain. Rocksteady channels this influence through the Joker’s umbrella, which also enables him to travel through Metropolis by gliding and surfing his way into the chaos.

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While you’ll need to wait for the first season to start playing as the Joker, the Kill the Justice League early access will have some treats of its own. The insider episode also gave us a better look at the Deluxe Edition skins. After all, If you’re going to fend off Brianiac’s forces, you better do it with some style.

When you boot up and head into Metropolis, you’ll also be treated to some Justice League-themed outfits. You’ll be able to equip them immediately, and we already think that the Deadshot-Batman outfit is going to be a major hit with players. These outfits are exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, and Rocksteady Studios hasn’t confirmed if they’ll ever appear in the game’s cosmetic store. However, never say never. It is possible Rocksteady Studios could release them as a separate bundle in the future.

We’re almost at the finish line for the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date. Poised to be one of the best multiplayer games around for DC Comics fans, developer Rocksteady Studios confirms that Kill the Justice League early access will commence at midnight locally for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players. However, if you’ve got squadmates bearing arms on PC storefronts like Steam, they’ll need to wait until 10:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Early Access: An image of early access times on PS5 and Xbox.

However, it’s worth noting that only players who have purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game will enjoy early access. It’s refreshing to see new PS5 games and new Xbox games opt for a global release time, rather than using staggered times to get the action started.

With the removal of Gear Score and great social features too, Kill the Justice League is going to fill the void left by games such as Marvel’s Avengers. Before you join Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang on the battlefield, here are our picks for the best RPG games and the best FPS games to keep you occupied in the meantime.