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Suicide Squad game goes to the multiverse, whether you like it or not

Rocksteady Studios details what the Kill the Justice League endgame looks like on PS5 and Xbox, and things are getting out of this world.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League end game elseworlds

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is almost available on PS5 and Xbox platforms, and before you can defeat corrupted DC heroes, Rocksteady Studios is plotting your endgame. There’s still work to be done beyond the story in Metropolis, and the promise of free DLC characters needs an in-game explanation. The Suicide Squad endgame takes our villains to other, strange dimensions.

Rocksteady Studios unveils the initial aspects of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League‘s post-story activities in a recent livestream, which streaming stars Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo, and Tarik “tarik” Celik. Aside from hiccups within the game, like an invisible Poison Ivy and shroud’s confusion with Deadshot’s jet-pack, the stream digs into how its endgame will evolve through Elseworlds missions.

These missions will transport the action to alternative dimensions, where the canon of the Arkhamverse is drastically different. Throughout these missions, players can accumulate armor pieces that are only available at this point in the game. You’ll be using them in a myriad of ways, as Rocksteady Studios encourages players to experiement heavily with their loadouts. This is enchanced by the lack of Gear Score, a feature that was removed after months of deliberation by the development team.

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What really has us excited, though, is how Elseworlds mission affect the game’s DLC. Rocksteady Studios has pretty much all but confirmed that The Joker is a playable character after launch, though it is unclear whether he will be the first post-release villain to arrive. As The Joker passed away in Arkham City, this variant of Batman’s nemesis is more than likely going to be a multiversal take on them. Will this kind of approach extend to other DLC villans though?

Rumors of Deathstroke joining the game’s playable roster are ruminating, and if that is the case, will it be Slade Wilson under the mask or a new original identitiy from Rocksteady? After Arkham Knight, maybe that approach is best left behind. The endgame does indicate the Suicide Squad might actually fail at their goal, too.

In a recent Q&A session on the game’s Discord server, game director Axel Rydby explains “we’ve made our End Game revolve around a core backbone of mission types that provide a more predictable experience and challenge […] Brainiac keeps evolving his forces throughout endgame and you’ll have to adapt your builds to match this.”

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Having the Squad lose could be a bold move, but a clever one to expand its live-service potential. More information about Elseworlds missions is coming on Monday, January 22, 2024 in a new Suicide Squad Insider episode. No matter, who you decide to play as, don’t forget that friendship is key. Kill the Justice League allows players to bring in their PS5 or Xbox friends, even if they’re offline, giving everyone involved a share of the loot. If you wanted to, you could even bring in players off the leaderboards.