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Suicide Squad KTJL waves goodbye to this core feature for PS5 and Xbox

Kill the Justice League doesn't care about gear score to take down Brainiac's minions on PS5 and Xbox, as it removes it for the better.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League gear score

We all want to be as fierce as Batman during battle, but the Suicide Squad aren’t exactly as smart as the world’s greatest detective. Luckily, for you and them, Rocksteady Studios is furnishing our villainous team with an arsenal of powerful gear to eradicate Superman and his cohorts completely. While most live-service games like Destiny 2 put a focus on gear score, Rocksteady Studios is scrapping this feature to keep Kill the Justice League loadouts versatile.

In a recent Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Q&A session on the game’s discord, game director Axel Rydby explains, “one of the biggest changes we’ve made over the last year is to remove gear score from the game. This change means that players who find, for example, a legendary weapon they just love early on in the game, can use it without fear that they’re shooting themselves in the foot (as it were) by not equipping a different gun with a higher gear score.” This means you won’t be drastically affecting the viability and power of your favorite character, just for changing out your preferred piece of ass-kicking weaponry.

Rydby expresses that “the challenge then becomes exploring how you want to play the game and find gear that synergizes with that […] a big part of our End Game is to ‘theory craft’ which gear pieces that can synergize and how to construct builds.” You’ll be putting together outlandish builds quickly, which is exactly what Rocksteady Studios hopes you will do.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League gear score ps5 xbox

But what about earning all those sweet pieces of gear with friends? We previously reported on a great feature that means you can pull in an AI version of your friends into your squad, earning rewards for them while they are absent.

However, Rocksteady Studios elaborates on this one step further. In tandem with your now scoreless gear, you can play with the best players in the world – even if you don’t know them. Rydby details that “you can go to the Leaderboards and find the best players in the world and get their characters into your squad. Or maybe you have a favorite streamer and want their characters in your Squad?”

Just like playing with your friends, your favorite creator or streamer will get a cut of the loot you’ve acquired in your travels. Talk about doing the legwork.

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If you played the Kill the Justice League alpha, which you can talk about with Batman crushing your head now, you’ll have seen a small glimpse of all the different gear pieces you can equip. It can be overwhelming when you’re drowning in numbers, a pitfall that often occurs even in some of the best multiplayer games on PS5 and Xbox. Though we’ve got love for Marvel’s Avengers, and even Gotham Knights, it is a feature that can be restrictive. Whether it is enough to secure Kill the Justice League a spot as one of the best games in the DC pantheon remains to be seen.