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Earn top rewards in Suicide Squad KTJL without lifting a finger

New Suicide Squad game will keep your friends close to help share the wealth in upcoming PS5 looter shooter.

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We all get by with a little help from our friends – and the upcoming Suicide Squad game will be taking that literally. Kill the Justice League will have a nifty feature that will ensure that every squad mate will earn lucrative rewards, even when some are offline. This means that you can continue to gain gear and weaponry even after you’ve logged off from your PS5 or Xbox to perform those unnecessary activities such as sleeping and eating.

After a recent influx of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League previews, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the game offers the ability to roam around Metropolis with an AI version of your friends.  According to YouTuber ‘Laajune’, Rocksteady Studios “have it set up where if your friend is playing […] and you’re not online […] they can actually pull your character in with them.” While your friends complete missions and meet more Suicide Squad characters without you, the YouTuber advises that all offline players “will have the rewards sitting in your inventory.” 

It’s worth noting that this AI buddy system won’t apply to leveling up your characters. So, don’t expect to boot up Kill the Justice League and immediately have a high-level Deadshot ready and raring to go. However, it does mean you’ll have a chance to score some of the game’s rarer gear and weaponry with far less effort than usual.

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Such weaponry will extend to the Notorious arsenal, which LaaJune explains will be centered around “villain-themed weapons and gear.” But what villains will inspire these weapons? Well, this tier seems like an absolute treat for DC Comics fans. DC Comics legends such as Superman nemesis General Zod and Lex Luthor are referenced here, while Batman’s Rogues Gallery has picks such as Two-Face, Black Mask, and The Penguin. There’s even Notorious weaponry that pays homage to Superman’s villainous doppelgänger, Bizzaro. 

Notorious weaponry will sit above Legendary in the game’s tier system, making it extremely appealing to earn if you want an extra dose of firepower to your loadout. We’d love to see other villains such as Deathstroke influence the game’s meta in some way, because if you’re fighting a corrupted Batman, who wouldn’t want input from of his deadliest enemies? Alternatively, why not put Deathstroke into Metropolis in the upcoming post-launch Suicide Squad DLC. That’ll all be free, by the way, as the primary paid element applies to cosmetic-only items. 

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Quality-of-life features such as this gear earning system could go a long way to persuade Arkham franchise fanatics to give Kill the Justice League a chance, but we’ll have to see if it is all enough to stand out as one of the best multiplayer games in 2024. In the meantime, before you get stuck one of many new Xbox games on the horizon, you need to see how all the Suicide Squad vehicles look set to give Arkham Knight’s Batmobile some stiff competition.