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New Suicide Squad vehicles improve on Arkham Knight’s Batmobile

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is getting vehicles to roam around in on PS5 and Xbox, and they look more fun than the Batmobile.

Suicide Squad vehicles ps5 xbox

The new Suicide Squad game is almost here, as Rocksteady Studios presents a fresh look at Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. This time around, the studio delves deeper into combat, traversal, and the eclectic cast of characters residing in Metropolis. But you won’t just be running and gunning your way around in the PS5 and Xbox action-adventure title, as Rocksteady Studios confirms vehicles will be giving you a boost in the fight against Brainiac.

We’re almost at the starting, as the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date is now only weeks away, which feels surreal to say after the considerably delays it has faced. In the recent addition to the Suicide Squad Insider series, game director Axel Rydby confirms the addition of Support Squad characters, that will bring vehicles to Xbox and PS5 fans: “Players who just want to play through the story will get the full arsenal to take on the Justice League, but for players who want to maximize their characters, the Support Squad missions unlock really cool features.”

Support Squad characters include the likes of Gizmo and Toyman, the former who has set up his base of operations in the basement of the Hall of Justice. Gizmo provides players with vehicles that can be air-dropped into any point of Metropolis, giving you another method of traversal than just your designated character’s method of movement.

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So, if you’re bored with using Harley Quinn’s Bat-glider or Deadshot’s jetpack, you can hop into flying tanks or trucks sporting Superman paint jobs to evade or damage Brianiac’s forces. And you know what? These vehicles already seem more fun than the Batmobile from Arkham Knight.

Will it be enough to help position Kill the Justice League as one of the best multiplayer games of 2024? The jury is still out on that one, but we think the far bigger locale of Metropolis seems better suited to vehicles, whereas Arkham Knight’s Gotham City often felt quite restrictive for the Batmobile’s bulky design. While you could change the Batmobile to reflect other designs from movies like Batman V Superman, something still wasn’t right when it came to hunting down criminals.

Leaks surrounding the game claim that Destiny 2 style Gambit mode is coming to Kill the Justice League, pitting multiple teams against each other. If vehicles are allowed here, some serious carnage could unfold.

suicide squad kill the justice league vehicles

It remains to be seen just how many vehicles will be in Kill the Justice League, and how many types there will be, but the possibilities are already exciting to contemplate post-launch. Speaking of launch content, you can look forward to claiming free Suicide Squad DLC too, as Rocksteady Studios confirms the game will receive new playable characters without you having to part ways with any more of your cash. Oh, and you’ll be able to use them all in Suicide Squad offline mode.