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Leaked Suicide Squad game mode is a treat for Destiny 2 Gambit players

A recent leak for the new Suicide Squad game has teased a potential PvPvE mode, similar to Destiny 2's Gambit, for PS5 and Xbox players to enjoy.

Superman from Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League smiling in front of Ikora from Destiny 2

Despite the mixed reception of the game ahead of its 2024 launch, the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is bringing plenty of content post-release due to the fact it’s a live-service title. In fact, those of us who are fans of Destiny 2 possibly have a familiar mode to look forward to in the new Suicide Squad game, if recent leaks are anything to go by.

Will the upcoming title be worthy of a place on our best PS5 games and best Xbox games when the Suicide Squad release date finally rolls around? Well, it remains to be seen, but DC fans like us are hoping that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League can at least get us back into Rocksteady’s world with a decent follow-up to 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight.

Another live-service game that has been getting headlines as of late, mostly for negative reasons, is Destiny 2, the MMOFPS from Bungie. With rounds of lay-offs and The Final Shape release date delayed, it seems Rocksteady is attempting to take Destiny players away, at least those of us who are fans of Destiny 2’s Gambit mode.

Some of you may not be aware of Destiny 2’s best game mode (a hill that we will die on), which takes two teams of four Guardians into an arena against enemy AI. Each team must progressively add motes, which are dropped from enemies upon death, to a bank in an attempt to summon the boss. The first team to defeat the boss wins, but enemy players can occasionally teleport into your arena and defeat your team members to delay your progress.

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Miller Ross, who was originally a leaker for Marvel’s Avengers characters and skins before that game was sadly shuttered, has recently been leaking content ahead of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s launch. In a recent tweet, Ross shared a statement suggesting that a PvPvE mode called “QVK” could be in the upcoming DC game.

It’s unclear if QVK is a codename for the mode or the official title, but the PvPvE mode will allow four teams of four to battle it out in multiversal rifts to earn favor with a “sadistic villain”, Ross confirms. He also outright calls it a “distant cousin of Destiny 2’s Gambit”, highlighting the similarities, while also making it clear that it offers some twists for players to enjoy.

In the same picture, Ross has also leaked a mode called Raising Hell, which is a horde mode for players looking to test their skills alone or with friends against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. In exchange, the best of the best teams will receive unique rewards and space in the leaderboards. And, let’s be honest, bragging rights.

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As fans of Destiny 2 Gambit mode and even bigger fans of DC’s lineup of iconic heroes and villains, including the Suicide Squad characters, we’re looking forward to the upcoming live-service title, in the hopes that Rocksteady supports QVK better than Bungie does Gambit. Miller Ross has a reliable track record when it comes to the Avengers’ leaks, so hopefully QVK will be a great time for us Gambit enjoyers.

It remains to be seen whether the Suicide Squad reception will earn it a place on our best games list, but we’re excited to give it a try. At the very least, it should find a spot on our best co-op games list for fans of the DC cast, so much so that we’re already grabbing some of the best PS5 controllers and best Xbox controllers in anticipation.