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New Suicide Squad game promises free DLC characters post-launch

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will offer DC Comics fans free DLC characters after launch, as Rocksteady unveils new gameplay.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League free dlc

Following months of radio silence, Batman Arkham franchise developer Rocksteady Studios is back with new gameplay of its forthcoming Suicide Squad game. The first of a fresh series of development diaries, players can see up to 20 minutes of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League gameplay across a battle-torn Metropolis. Best of all, we can expect free Suicide Squad DLC when the game arrives, too.

Climb back onboard the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League hype train, folks, because the heat is on for our rag-tag bunch of villains. Following the delay of the original Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date, Rocksteady Studios is on track to bring the game, and new content from Friday, February 2, 2024.  According to the game’s PlayStation Store listing, the developer clarifies that “post-launch, players can expect a continuously evolving Metropolis with free new playable villains, environments, weapons, in-game events, and more, all included with purchase of the base game.”

Though Rocksteady Studios is yet to specific who will joining the game’s roster, we speculate that Superman adversary Lex Luthor could become a playable character. Appearing in the latest gameplay slice, Lex’s futuristic armor is an ideal match for the game’s focus on movement and verticality. Earlier theories speculate that Batman’s protégé, Red Hood, could appear too. With the former Arkham Knight coming to his senses, it’d be interesting to see him fight Batman (under Brainiac’s control) during the story. Rocksteady Studios has developed a strong track record for DLC, so we’re sure it’ll deliver the goods.

suicide squad free dlc deluxe edition

Mentioning an “evolving” map also has us thinking that the developer could be leaning into a Fortnite style update cycle, perhaps giving the map entirely new areas and POIs to explore. When it comes to the game’s cosmetic and weaponry systems, it appears to be pitting players against enemies you’ve not necessarily heard of too, so any kind of advantage on the battlefield is going to be needed.

On the subject of cosmetics, alongside the new gameplay reveal, Rocksteady Studios details that players who pick up the Deluxe Edition can get their hands on slick outfits: “Jumping into the Digital Deluxe Edition unleashes even more mayhem with the Justice League Outfits for the Squad, 3 Notorious Weapons, 4 Weapon Dolls, 1 Battle Pass Token*, and 4 Color Swatches.” You’ll also get 72 hours early access too, meaning you can start playing Tuesday, January 30, 2024. While you might be disappointed to learn the game is sticking with its live service aspects, there’s no denying that it is beginning to look promising.

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The latest dev diary showcases all 4 of our main Suicide Squad characters, each of them equipped with buttery smooth traversal methods and crunchy looking combat to get settled into. It is enough to become one of the best games releasing next year? We’ll have to wait and see what the next dev diary episodes bring. For now, keep up with all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games on the horizon.