Kill the Justice League features a Batman enemy you haven’t heard of

Rocksteady Studios returns to the Arkhamverse with Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, which features a new Batman enemy for DC Comics fans to fight against.

Batman at Arkham Asylum in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or Captain Boomerang. They’ll need a miracle to defeat Batman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. However, it appears that there is another Batman enemy in the shadows. DC Comics fans get ready for a smackdown, as developer Rocksteady Studios is unleashing a Batman enemy unlike any other.

Hardcore Batman fans have seen obscure enemies like The Eraser and Penny Plunderer face off against The Dark Knight in the past, but Bruce Wayne’s wrath stretches further than you may think. Spotted by Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League subreddit member ‘elbigotefuerte‘, the DC Comics fan ponders: “What the hell is a Batman-infused enemy?” The upcoming DC Comics bonanza takes a different approach to level up than the Arkham games. This time around, players can amass powerful pieces of gear, often displaying buffs for an array of enemies.

Developer Rocksteady Studios is yet to expand on what Suicide Squad enemy types are in store for players, but the notion of a Batman-infused enemy does spark curiosity. In Batman lore, Bruce Wayne seeks the tutelage of the League of Assassins to master his skills. Though this goes awry and a feud develops with Ra’s al Ghul, the League attempts to strike Gotham City countless times in Batman’s career.

Redditor ‘DanielF823‘ posits that “this makes a lot of sense” in their mind, and that the Batman-infused enemy could be “a League of Assassins ninja [enemy type]” that challenges the Suicide Squad. Additionally, they theorise each Justice League hero will give way to their own enemy types. The Flash could have “fast and annoying” enemies, while Green Lantern spawns enemy types with “mid-long range energy strikes.”

Wth is a batman infused enemy? 🤔 from SuicideSquadGaming

In the case of The Flash, the game’s lore does lend itself to this notion. Captain Boomerang, one of The Flash’s more notable adversaries, is seen using Speedforce-infused technology to move faster in the game’s State of Play preview. The Speedforce is a cosmic energy that The Flash channels to travel through space and time at immense speeds.

Rocksteady also displays that gear has elements of iconic DC characters injected into them, such as Bane-inspired gear that gives the player a buff based on Bane’s venom strength serum. Fellow Suicide Squad Redditor ‘MRRIP‘ suggests that it may work by “Braniac allowing the various heroes to influence [with] Braniac-like mind control over their minions.”

The Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date is a moment that DC Comics enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Especially as it joins the ranks of upcoming PS5 games for this year and beyond. Until then, get updated with all the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League characters set to appear in the game.