Upcoming PS5 games 2023 and beyond

If you're looking forward to all the new PS5 games this year from, here's a list of upcoming PS5 games complete with their release dates.

New PS5 games 2023: a shot of two different versions of Spider-Man

What are the upcoming PS5 games? We know the best gaming consoles today have been around for a while now, and the global pandemic pushed a lot of games back. However, that’s changing, and we have a list of some of the biggest and most anticipated new PS5 games you need to keep an eye on.

Whether they be intriguing indies, all-new triple-A titles, long-awaited sequels, or nostalgia-filled remakes, the lineup of upcoming PS5 games in 2023 and beyond is looking pretty bright. There are certainly plenty of candidates that might muscle their way onto our best games and best PS5 games list.

If you’re interested in seeing what you’ll be able to get your hands on in the next couple of months, or even further into the future than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy as we highlight some of the biggest upcoming PS5 games.

New PS5 games 2023

There’s certainly a lot on the horizon for PlayStation fans, but most of the upcoming games are still in active development.

So to make things a little less confusing, we’ve got all the upcoming PS5 games with confirmed release dates for you in this handy list below.

May 2023

June 2023 

July 2023 

August 2023 

September 2023

November 2023

Undated 2023 games

  • Arc Raiders – 2023
  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage – 2023
  • Avatar Frontiers of Pandora – 2023
  • Hyenas – 2023
  • Lords Of The Fallen – 2023
  • Payday 3 – 2023
  • Spider-Man 2 – 2023
  • Stellar Blade – 2023
  • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – 2023
  • The Crew Motorfest – 2023
  • The Finals – 2023
  • The Plucky Squire – 2023
  • Cities Skylines 2 – 2023
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – TBC
  • Honkai Star Rail – TBC
  • Skate Story – TBC

Phew, that’s a lot of upcoming PS5 games – and they’re just the most-anticipated ones! As you can see there are plenty of new PS5 games on the horizon, but if you’re looking to get stuck into something while you wait, make sure to check out our best PS5 games and best PS4 games list. There’ll be something in there you’ll like, we promise.