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Everywhere release date window, gameplay, level editor, and more

Find out the latest news on this ambitious community-driven sandbox game by ex-Rockstar developers ahead of the Everywhere release date, including gameplay.

Everywhere release date: A character looking towards the camera, with two gameplay scenes split down the middle in the background, blurred.

What is the Everywhere release date? Are you a fan of off-the-wall, crazy-ambitious titles? Then this may be for you! It was first seen at Gamescom’s ONL, where one of the game’s developers took to the stage to talk to Geoff Keighley about the game. Frankly, we weren’t even sure what the game actually was. But, thanks to trailers and other reveals, we do now have details on the game ahead of the Everywhere release date.

Read on below to find out everything we know about Everywhere, including when you can play it, and what its gameplay actually entails. Let’s dive into exactly what Build A Rocket Boy is crafting with its ambitious new experience for consoles and PC, and why it could be one of the best co-op games, the best racing games, and so much more when it comes out.

Everywhere release date window

The Everywhere release date window is set for 2023, likely in December. This window was confirmed during the game’s reveal presentation at Gamescom, where the game’s developer took to the stage to talk with Geoff Keighley.

With the Everywhere closed alpha beginning in the near future, the game appears to be on track for a late 2023 release date, likely in December. However, it certainly looks like an ambitious title, which could see a delay into 2024, especially if problems arise during the alpha. You can sign up for the Everywhere Closed Alpha Test on the game’s official website.

Everywhere release date: A character walking into a colloseum.

The developer has yet to reveal what platforms this community-driven sandbox will be available on, though we expect Everywhere to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Given how ambitious Everywhere is, it would be highly surprising to see it release on last-gen consoles due to hardware limitations. Likewise, we don’t expect it to release on the Switch either.

YouTube Thumbnail

Everywhere gameplay

Everywhere is a community-driven sandbox game, with players being able to build experiences for others to play. Akin to Roblox, Dreams, and Fortnite, Everywhere places a strong emphasis on community creations and connection, with a player hub bringing players together.

In the full Everywhere reveal trailer, we get a glimpse at just some of the creative experiences you can create in the game, from race tracks to obstacle courses, intense shooters, and even unsettling horror vibes. The world is your toybox in Everywhere, or so it seems, and we can’t wait to see what players come up with using the powerful level editing tools.

Everywhere release date: The level editor being used to place flamethrowers.

Players are also expected to be able to customize their own characters, or at least pick from a variety of characters as we see lots of variation in the gameplay trailer.

We first caught hints of Everywhere gameplay during the game’s Gamescom ONL trailer. It depicts what appears to be Alex Hernandez, the protagonist of Mafia 3. While this could just be showcasing the engine powering the game, it could also be hinting towards some of the potential experiences players can create as we later see a scissor-reel of racing, vibrant third-person shooters, and more. Similarly, this initial trailer also showcased various concept art, which the reveal trailer brings to life.

Check out the mind-bending presentation below:

YouTube Thumbnail

These trailers confirm several details reported on by VGC earlier in 2023, such as the game’s social hub, Utropia. Here, players can then access districts which focus on crafting experiences with a certain type of gameplay style such as combat or racing, and sharing them online. The studio also confirmed to VGC that they aren’t interested in NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain and Web 3.0 aspects, despite how cryptic the development has been so far.

Everywhere story

The trailer and presentation for Everywhere is abstract and left us with more questions than answers. However, a press release sent to The Loadout calls the game a “multi-world gaming experience” that “seamlessly blends gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another and the digital world around them.”

With the emphasis being on player creation, it’s possible that Everywhere simply doesn’t have an overarching story. Most likely, any narrative experiences are up to the players to create, unless the game comes with a handful of games made by the developers to showcase the gameplay and tools.

That’s everything we know about the Everywhere release date, gameplay, and more. To find out more about upcoming multiplayer games, check out our guide on the best multiplayer games available right now.