PS Plus free games December 2023

Find out the PS Plus free games for December 2023, which includes a plethora of relaxing, cozy games, from racing to cleaning, for your PS4 and PS5 consoles.

PS Plus free games: The main character from Sable standing against a blurred background of Lego 2K Drive on the left and PowerWash Simulator on the right, the free games for December 2023, with a PS Plus icon next to the character.

What are this month’s PS Plus free games? Regardless of what tier you’re subscribed to, you’ll be treated to a handful of amazing free PS Plus games each month that you can download, play, and keep forever. For the PS Plus December 2023 games, you’ve got three excellent and radically different titles to claim.

December’s offering is one of the best we’ve seen in recent months, and all of these titles are worth adding to your library, either to play right away or for a rainy day. While we wouldn’t go as far as to say they are all among the best PS5 games and best PS4 games ever, it’s a strong lineup of PS Plus games for subscribers. That said, if you’re on the Essential tier and you’re willing to spend some more money, you can get access to the massive PS Plus Extra and Premium games list which definitely includes lots of top titles.

PS Plus free games December 2023

The PS Plus free games for December 2023 are: 

  • Sable – PS5
  • Lego 2K Drive – PS5, PS4
  • PowerWash Simulator – PS5, PS4

These aren’t exactly new PS5 games or new PS4 games, but they are some stellar games to receive through PlayStation Plus in December 2023. While there’s a general theme of relaxing and cozy experiences this month, there’s still a little something for everyone in December, with three wildly different genres available.

But make sure to pick them up quickly, as after this month, you won’t be able to claim them with your PS Plus subscription anymore. It’s also worth pointing out that, while some games never saw a PS5 release, the PS4 games are still playable on PS5.

The PS Plus December 2023 games are much better on the whole than November’s. While Mafia II: The Definitive Edition and Aliens: Fireteam Elite are good games in their own right, we imagine many more players will be eager to jump into December’s lineup. After all, with the holiday festivities, there’s no better time to play a cozy game like Sable, a new Lego game, or the therapeutic satisfaction of PowerWash Simulator.

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Sable – PS5

Sable is an incredible indie darling that was released in 2021. Here, you’ll embark on an intimate journey of self-discovery as the titular Sable, a young girl looking to find her place in life. Exploring vast deserts, painted in its unique and mesmerizing art style, you will find all manner of interesting people and activities, all while trying to find out who you really are.

It’s a surprisingly relaxing game, with calming music by Japanese Breakfast and beautiful landscapes to bring the adventure to life. It’s also not an incredibly long game, so you can give it a go and finish it sooner than you’d think. Unless, of course, you’d like to explore everything the game has to offer.

If you’re willing to go along with the journey, you’ll find Sable to be among the best games out right now.

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Lego 2K Drive – PS5, PS4

Lego 2K Drive isn’t what you’d expect from a modern Lego game, though it retains the raw sense of joy and creativity that’s inherent to Lego. As the name suggests, Lego 2K Drive is a racing game. Set in a large open world, you’ll be able to race anywhere, smashing through the environment or into other cars. It’s akin to Mario Kart with its over-the-top arcade action.

The most exciting part about Lego 2K Drive, however, is the ability to build your own car. That’s right, 2K Drive takes full advantage of being a Lego game by letting you build your dream ride, no matter how absurd it may be. You can then race through the story mode or play with friends in local and online co-op (including cross-play). Packed full of races, mini-games, and missions, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Lego 2K Drive, even if it isn’t one of the best racing games.

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PowerWash Simulator – PS5, PS4

You would never have expected PowerWash Simulator to blow up as much as it has given… it’s a game about cleaning. However, give it a go for yourself and you’ll no doubt find out why it’s as popular as it is.

With your trusty power washer at the ready, you’ll blast away the grime on all manner of objects and locales, from vehicles to amusement parks, and even the Mars rover. You can swap nozzles, upgrade your tools, and more as you climb the ladder to become the best power washer in town. All in all, there’s something inherently satisfying about turning a rundown old van into a sparkly new piece of machine that just never gets old.

That covers all the PS Plus free games for December 2023. This month’s games are pretty strong for fans of relaxing games of all genres, even if you’d be a little late to the party. However, if none of these titles tickle your fancy, be sure to come back to this guide once this month is over to see what games you’ll be able to download next. Alternatively, check out some of the new PS4 games and new PS5 games on the horizon.