PS Plus free games March 2024

Here's the lineup of free PS Plus games for March 2024, which includes a stellar fighting game and one of Destiny 2's best expansions.

Free PS Plus games: Savathun from Destiny 2 on the left, looking towards the camera, and a PS Plus logo against a blue gradient background on the right.

What are this month’s PS Plus free games? Regardless of what tier you’re subscribed to, you’ll be treated to a handful of amazing free PS Plus games each month that you can download, play, and keep forever. For the PS Plus March games, Sony is not only giving us three excellent games, but it’s throwing in a massive expansion for Destiny 2 as well.

The three free PS Plus games for March are headlined by an excellent and unique fighting game that we thought was one of the best PS5 games and best PS4 games of 2022. As an added bonus, PS Plus subscribers will also be able to redeem Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. These monthly freebies are great, but if you want more, you can get access to the massive PS Plus Extra and Premium games list if you decide to upgrade your subscription tier.

PS Plus free games March 2024

The PS Plus free games for March 2024 are: 

  • Sifu – PS4, PS5
  • F1 23 – PS4, PS5
  • Hello Neighbor 2 – PS4, PS5
  • Destiny 2 The Witch Queen – PS4, PS5

We think this is a brilliant lineup of free games. Sifu is an exceptional kung-fu brawler, F1 23 immerses you in one of the world’s most popular sports, Hello Neighbor 2 provides compact and compelling puzzle-solving, and Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is one of the best FPS campaigns of recent times.

These games will be available to claim for free between March 5 and April 1, no matter which PS Plus tier you’re subscribed to. Even if you don’t have the time to play them this month, we always encourage you to redeem them, as they’ll stay in your library indefinitely, so long as you have a PS Plus sub active. Below you can find more details about March’s free PS Plus games.

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The stunning and unique Sifu is one of the best fighting games of this console generation in our view – although it’s not the typical style of fighting game you might expect. This stylistic brawler has you start out life as a young but not very powerful martial artist, and puts you up against increasingly-difficult enemies.

Death is a core mechanic in this game, because each time you die, your character’s age increases. You’ll start aged 20, but if your death counter reaches 70, it’s game over and you’ll have to start again (admittedly this time with your permanent skills still unlocked).

The amount of deaths and trial-and-error runs makes Sifu feel a lot like some of the best roguelikes, and while that might sound daunting for some, the kickass martial arts and beautiful visuals make it worth playing for anyone.

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F1 23

The annual F1 games from the racing game wizards at Codemasters are always great fun, and do an excellent job at authentically replicating one of the world’s biggest sports. F1 23 is no exception.

With the new F1 24 game not too far away now, F1 23’s addition to PS Plus couldn’t come at a better time. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the series, you can now try one of the best racing games around for free before committing your money to the new game later in the year.

F1 23 serves up every driver, team, car, and track from the season just gone, and while there’s scope for high-stakes online battles with top sim racers, casuals can also settle in to single-player experiences, such as the excellent Career Mode.

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Hello Neighbor 2

If you want some slightly sinister but brilliantly fun puzzling, then Hello Neighbor 2 will sort you out. What’s refreshing about HN2 is that it is easily completable within an evening or lazy afternoon, thanks to a run time of between one and three hours, depending on how quick you are at problem solving.

It sees you take the role of an investigative journalist looking into the strange behaviour and past of Mr Petersen – the same creepy main character from the first game. You must infiltrate his house and get to the bottom of things, all while he stalks you and attempts to put an end to your snooping.

We recommend equipping one of the best PS5 headsets for this one, as the audio cues of creaking floor boards and clicking door latches will really up the tension.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

While some may say that Forsaken is the best expansion in Destiny 2 history, there are plenty that argue the case for The Witch Queen. This excellent narrative sees you pursue Savathun, an evil trickster that has been bestowed with the Light – the force that gives Destiny 2’s Guardians their powers (and respawns).

While the base game of Destiny 2 is free to download and play, accessing the juiciest content often comes at a premium. With The Witch Queen being offered up for free, this is an opportunity you should absolutely take.

From a gameplay perspective, Destiny 2 is one of the most satisfying, diverse, and best FPS games out there. It doesn’t always strike the right chord with its story beats, but when you do get a sensational expansion like The Witch Queen, there aren’t many shooters out there that do it better.

So that’s our rundown of the four freebies being offered to PS Plus subscribers for March 2024. But remember, if you’re reading this before these games are made redeemable on March 5, you’ve still got time to quickly claim February’s games.

These are: Foamstars, a PS5 exclusive and all-new third-person shooter, similar to Splatoon; Rollerdrome, a sensational indie that combines the tricks and combos of Tony Hawk games with badass slow-mo combat; and Steelrising, a Souls like with a novel setting and aesthetic.

If none of these PS Plus games take your fancy, why not check out which other free PS5 games you can play without spending a dime.