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The best space games on console 2024

The best space games will see you embark on everything from galactic exploration to horror romps in derelict ships on PlayStation and Xbox.

Best space games: Ripley from Alien Isolation in a dark green military suit, Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy wielding his dual blasters, and an alien character from Mass Effect

What are the best space games on console? There’s a whole universe of possibilities out there when it comes to deciding which space odyssey you wish to embark on. Whether you’re looking to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos, or bunkering down aboard a ship or space station for a more condensed experience, we have the best space games available for you to choose from on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

While all games technically exist within space – be they the best horror games or the best RPG games – we’re keeping things literal here. If there’s not a rocket thruster to engage, or an alien planet to visit, we don’t wanna know about it. No matter if you’re on the blue or green side of the console divide, here are the top space games you can play right now.

The best space games are:

Best space games: A player standing on a hill overlooking their ship and the sky in Starfield.

1. Starfield

After what felt like eons of waiting, the hotly-anticipated new IP from legendary studio Bethesda landed with huge fanfare, delivering on its promise of an explorable galaxy made up of both hand-crafted and procedurally-generated content.

While most of your time in Starfield will be spent forging your own path throughout its cosmos, there is a grand mystery at the core of its narrative. As a fledgling member of planetary exploration organization Constellation (one of the many Starfield factions), you’ll have to work with your new companions to unravel the true purpose of the mysterious artifacts you come into possession of.

But an intriguing narrative isn’t the end of it, Bethesda also treats you to a fully-fleshed out Starfield ships system, letting you build your own ship, customize it, traverse the galaxy, and engage in fun ship combat. Oh, and did we mention there’s also outpost building? That’s right! The deep Starfield outposts mechanic lets you setup shop on any of the 1,000 planets you can visit – though we recommend the best Starfield outpost locations first. You really can’t do much better if you’re looking for an immersive space game.

If you’re still umm’ing and ahh’ing, be sure to check out our Starfield review to find out what we think of it. Otherwise, go ahead and pick it up on PC or Xbox via Game Pass, if you so wish. To help you get started, we’ve got detailed guides covering the best Starfield weapons and the best Starfield builds too.

Best space games: A Hunter wearing bone-like armor and holding a weapon at the ready in Destiny 2.

2. Destiny 2

We couldn’t have a list of the best space games and not include Bungie’s beloved Destiny 2. Sure, you don’t get to actually fly your spaceship from planet to planet, as much as we’d love to, but there’s a wide array of beautiful and unique environments to explore that fully immerse you in the setting.

Pair the stunning surroundings with a gripping narrative of ancient and powerful forces in an age-old battle of ideology, and you’ve got yourself one of the most interesting space games of the modern era. With each expansion and Season (and soon Destiny 2 Episodes) expanding on this intriguing narrative with new revelations and character development, there’s always something interesting going on in the world of Destiny.

There’s no way we couldn’t also mention Bungie’s best-in-class gunplay that makes the simple act of blasting aliens with an expansive arsenal an absolute joy that never gets old. This only gets better when you’re playing in the hardest content the game has to offer – dungeons, raids, and Trials of Osiris PvP.

Overall, it’s hard to find a space game with a better balance of deep lore and narrative, with engrossing moment-to-moment action that also makes it one of the best FPS games out there. Before diving in for yourself, check out all the best Destiny 2 weapons and best Destiny 2 PvP weapons so you know what to look out for. And once you inevitably get pulled in, you’ll want to mark the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date down on your calendars.

Best space games: A Spartan holding an assault rifle while enemies approach in a grassy environment in Halo The Master Chief Collection.

3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Speaking of Bungie, Halo: The Master Chief Collection faithfully remasters the iconic six main Halo games in one excellent package. With a stellar space story involving the titular Master Chief and Halo rings, you’re in for a bombastic and well-written narrative – and a lot of it given just how many games are included. This epic journey still holds up incredibly well to this day, and those on Xbox and PC should certainly dive in.

The multiplayer has been given just as much attention, with some of the best multiplayer maps in history available to play on, with gunplay and a diverse weapon sandbox that’s just as good today as it’s always been.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a veteran, the Halo franchise is undoubtedly one of the best space games series of them all. It’s certainly one of the best Xbox games of all time.

Best space games: Master Chief running towards the camera with a warthog behind him in Halo Infinite.

4. Halo Infinite

On that note, the Halo franchise is still going strong today, now led by 343 Industries. Halo Infinite, the latest entry in the series continues the strong storytelling of the original games and expands on it with a larger environment than ever for the series. While the campaign doesn’t always land on its feet, as our Halo Infinite review notes, it’s still a blast to play through.

The real meat on the bone when it comes to Halo Infinite, however, is its superb PvP action (that’s also free-to-play). Thanks to Halo’s deep sci-fi setting, there’s so many interesting arenas to wage war in, with equally unique weapons, vehicles, and equipment. From laser rifles to gravity hammers and alien planes, it’s hard to not be having fun when making use of everything Halo Infinite multiplayer has to offer. On that note, it’s worth finding out all the best Halo Infinite guns, especially if you’re interested in playing ranked, as there is quite a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, it is an Xbox and PC exclusive, so sorry PlayStation players but you’re missing out.

Best space games: A screenshot showing a multi-colored forest in No Man's Sky with a person in a dark spacesuit surrounded by trees.

5. No Man’s Sky

We know its launch was a bit of a crash-landing, but Hello Games managed to turn the ship around with juicy patches and huge free content updates. Nowadays, No Man’s Sky is among the best space games out there, urging you to get lost exploring strange new worlds alone or with some friends.

There’s a whole universe of beautiful and weird planets to explore, harvest for minerals on, and construct sprawling bases on. But that’s not all, over the years, NMS has been fleshed out with so much new content, including vehicles, massive frigates, better combat and building, and so much more. Whether you’re a prospective new player or a returning one, it’s certainly worth giving it a go. It even accomplishes feats Bethesda’s Starfield has not, including seamless space flight.

Hello Games also offers a free current-gen upgrade to owners of the Xbox One and PS4 versions, so you’ll be playing the best possible iteration of No Man’s Sky from the get-go if you’re not on PC. Even if you’re not a huge fan of sci-fi games, we think it’s one of the best open world games too, so be sure to give it a chance. To add to the immersion, No Man’s Sky also supports VR, making it one of the best PSVR 2 games as well.

No Man’s Sky is available on Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC, so you can fly right in at no extra cost.

Best space games: An eerie, dimly-lit cave with a human in a spacesuit with a glowing blue helmet visor in Dead Space Remake.

6. Dead Space Remake

We couldn’t write this list without giving a shoutout to the stunning and excellent remake of the first Dead Space, which made the 2008 space horror classic even more terrifying and approachable.

You might be expecting an audio-visual overhaul and some quality-of-life changes to justify the premium price tag, but both its content and the narrative were expanded in smart ways as well, making Isaac Clarke’s first nightmarish adventure more impressive than many modern sci-fi horror games released over the last 15 years. If you’re brave enough, put this one at the top of your list. Still not convinced? Check out our Dead Space review to see why we love it so much.

Best space games: The full lineup from the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game stood in a line.

7. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Square Enix’s AAA Marvel projects had a bit of a rough start with Marvel’s Avengers, but Eidos-Montréal’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy is a huge win. From the sleek visuals to the exquisite writing, this one’s an old-fashioned single-player adventure full of action and heart which no one should miss.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is grand and epic first and foremost, but it’ll stay with you thanks to the little moments that bring the whole thing together and remind you of what big AAA studios can achieve outside the current trends when publishers trust vision and experience over market research. We loved our time with the game during our Guardians of the Galaxy review playthrough, and we hope Eidos-Montréal gets the chance to tell another brilliant single-player story soon.

Best space games: A spaceship fires a blast into a meteor in Elite Dangerous.

8. Elite Dangerous

While its console releases sadly aren’t getting any more updates, Elite Dangerous still is the go-to spaceship sim regardless of your modern platform of choice. Of course, the best version is the PC one, but we believe it’s still an exciting (and often calming) ride on consoles too.

The learning curve might be steep, but Elite Dangerous is among the most rewarding space games available at the moment. Its persistent, lived-in online universe and flexible offering of missions and occupations will keep you busy for many many hours. It may not be for everyone, but we recommend giving this space exploration game a go if you’re in the mood for more hands-on space exploration.

Best space games: An alien creature wearing a red and white spacesuit with a glowing golden device around its wrist in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

9. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The original Mass Effect trilogy still holds up remarkably well, especially after 2021’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition re-release, which includes all the DLC packs (minus some pieces of ME1 content lost to time) and a handful of visual upgrades and quality-of-life changes that round out an unforgettable, character-driven space epic.

You’re getting action, romance, adventure, political intrigue, and a whole galaxy to save from the imposing Reapers, one of the coolest “ancient evils” in modern videogames. Moreover, replays are more than encouraged to explore different outcomes and try to save the one squad member you had a crush on.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be enjoyed at no extra cost if you’ve got an EA Play or Game Pass subscription too! What’s not to love?

Best space games: A first-person view of someone looking at a radar device in a dimly lit corridor in Alien Isolation.

10. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a regular pick in anyone’s best Xbox horror games and PS5 horror games lists, but it’s also one hell of a space-set adventure full of gorgeous retro-futuristic aesthetics, topped with one of the thickest atmospheres ever.

The story works wonderfully as an interquel set between the original Alien film and its sequel. It follows Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter, 15 years after the events that led to the destruction of the cargo ship Nostromo and the disappearance of Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character. This is arguably the best game the Alien franchise has to offer and is definitely one of the top space games you can play right now.

Best space games: A first-person perspective of someone holding a gun and pointing it at some bright red spiky crystals in Deep Rock Galactic.

11. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is all about dwarves in space doing dwarven things – digging and blowing up rocks in search of valuable minerals, to be exact. The company DRG pays well, but of course, there are many dangers below the surface, and HR doesn’t exactly take care of its employees.

Deep Rock Galactic still reigns supreme as one of the best co-op games you can play on modern platforms. Beyond the class-based gameplay and procedural level design, the progression systems are solid yet easy to grasp, and the game has been getting strong content updates that only make it even more robust.

For Xbox and PC players, you can also play Deep Rock Galactic on Game Pass, so if you’ve got a subscription, you’ve definitely got zero reason not to give this one a try. 

Best space games: A small research base on a forest-like planet, with an observatory with a large telescope aiming skywards in Outer Wilds.

12. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds became a hit sensation right away, and it’s gained a strong cult following over the years thanks to its unusual premise: exploring a solar system that is stuck in a 22-minute time loop that ends with its star going supernova. The mission? Learn about an extinct race’s secrets and try to find the cause of the loop.

It might be hard to wrap your head around Outer Wilds at first, as it could be classified as an odd first-person adventure filled with stupefying puzzles, but its unique design and many mysteries, coupled with an enchanting atmosphere, are hard to resist. So much so that it’s hard to even talking about Outer Wilds without spoiling part of the magic.

Best space games: Two Kerbals riding a Mars rover in Kerbal Space Program.

13. Kerbal Space Program

Conceive, believe, achieve… sometimes. That’s what it takes to successfully take charge of your own space program, and create craft that can reach the stars – or at least get off the launch pad.

Kerbal Space Program is the ultimate spacefaring sim, in which you can plan and build your dream spaceship. The only kicker is you have to make sure it’s actually a feasible creation, or you’ll be in for an explosive surprise when launch day rolls around. With a second game currently in the works – though it’s only on Steam Early Access right now – there is no better time to enjoy this cult favorite.

Best space games: Cal Kestis looking towards the camera with robot BD1 on his shoulder in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor delivers astounding exploration of Star Wars’ most potent themes, marrying them with sensational combat and gorgeous worlds” – those are just a few of the words Sam has to say in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor review.

Building on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order in the best possible ways, Jedi Survivor showcases a real shift in protagonist Cal Kestis, as he progresses from the young Jedi we saw in the first game to a more weathered, experienced warrior. It’s quite the experience, and you should definitely check out our thoughts on if Star Wars Jedi Survivor is worth it just in case you’re still not sold.

You’ll get to visit many great new and old locations thanks to the diverse Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets, that really add to the immersive space and Star Wars experience. Likewise, combat has been improved in nearly every way, with even more tools at your disposal (including a sick blaster).

Best space games: Darth Maul with his twin red lightsaber in Star Wars Battlefront 2

15. Star Wars Battlefront 2

When EA announced that one of the best Star Wars games of all time, Battlefront 2, would be getting the remake treatment, fans the world over were eager to reach for their wallets. However, at launch, the game had players pilfering their pockets for more sinister reasons as aggressive monetization pushed them to splash out for new characters.

Now several years on EA has learned its lesson. What was the benchmark for how not to monetize a game has turned into one of the best multiplayer games around, thanks largely to its tight gameplay, gorgeous audiovisual design, and, of course, a diverse variety of iconic Star Wars heroes and villains to pilot.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Best space games: a fleet of spaceships battling in space in Stellaris

16. Stellaris

If grand strategy’s your bag then bag yourself Stellaris. Paradox Interactive’s expansive sci-fi experience is one of the best out there, though you’ll need to be prepared to lose hours upon hours of your life to it to master its numerous systems – think Civilization in space, but more complex.

That’s not to say Stellaris isn’t approachable. Paradox has done a good job of incorporating enough basic tutorial elements to get your fleet going – we’d definitely recommend spending some time on YouTube, though. However, when Stellaris clicks it quickly becomes one of the best space games around, boasting a level of intergalactic immersion that few games within the genre can match.

Stellaris is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Best space games: The Outer Worlds

17. The Outer Worlds

You’d be forgiven for thinking The Outer Worlds is a product of Bethesda. After all, it is positively dripping in Fallout influences. However, this plucky, satirical space RPG is the work of Obsidian Entertainment – a studio renowned for putting out bangers consistently over the years (we’ll forgive it for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2).

In The Outer Worlds, megacorps run the galaxy, and it’s as hilariously grim as you can imagine. Townships are headed up by middle management, CEOs are god-like entities, and you best hope that you’ve saved up enough bits to rent out your grave site when you inevitably kick the bucket from being overworked for the greater good.

Featuring a sprawling narrative, a retro-futuristic aesthetic, and plenty of imaginative weapons to play around with, The Outer Worlds is a treat despite its flaws. Indeed, when our friends over at PCGamesN got their mitts on it for their The Outer Worlds review, they noted that “Obsidian’s RPG fulfills its potential, but only in fits and starts.” Don’t let this deter you, though, as it still received a very respectable 7/10 at the time.

Best space games: the purple-haired Kafka holding her hands up in Honkai Star Rail

18. Honkai Star Rail

If you’re after an expansive, turn-based space RPG that also comes with a plethora of waifus and husbandos, then let us introduce you to Honkai Star Rail. Our amnesiac protagonist awakens on a giant space station having just been merged with a Stellaron – a seed of destruction – that grants them powers over the elements.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and soon after you join the crew of the Astral Express and proceed to set out across the cosmos to seal the other seeds causing, well, destruction in various worlds.

Sporting an ever-growing cast of Honkai Star Rail characters to collect through one of the more benevolent gacha systems – don’t worry, there are plenty of amazing free characters, too – as well as an approachable entry point into the TTRPG space gameplay-wise, Honkai Star Rail is a delight. In our 8/10 Honkai Star Rail review Aaron calls it “HoYoverse’s most confident showing yet” thanks largely to its excellent fundamentals.

If you do punch your ticket about the Astral Express, be sure to check out the Honkai Star Rail Banner schedule to plot out your pulls, as well as our Honkai Star Rail codes guide to juice you up with as many freebies as possible.

Honkai Star Rail is available for free on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation 5. Be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail PS5 guide when weighing up which platform you want to start your journey on – there is full cross-progression, so you can always jump between them.

So, there you have it – our picks for the best space games available to play right now. Whether you’re after cosmic-themed puzzlers or endless exploration across an entire universe, there’s something here for every space enthusiast.

For more incredible games, check out our rundown of the best games (regardless of genre) you can play right now, or have a look at which free PS5 games and free Xbox games we recommend picking up for those wanting a new game without stumping up some cash. There are also plenty of new Xbox games and new PS5 games coming out all the time, so we’ll update this list with more interstellar adventures over time. Have fun!