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The best Starfield weapons and how to get them

From pistols to miniguns, here are all the best Starfield weapons and best Starfield guns that you should be using on your galactic adventure on Xbox and PC.

Starfield best weapons: A Crimson Fleet pirate looking at the camera on the right. Images of the best guns are to the left of the character.

What are the best Starfield weapons? The best Starfield guns that you can wield in Bethesda’s epic space RPG game are your key to conquering the galaxy. From powerful shotguns and precise snipers, to melee weapons that will cut down enemies at close range, there’s a huge variety of top-tier weaponry on offer. There are even stun guns akin to Star Trek’s phaser weapons. So, here’s a handy list of the best Starfield weapons you can get in the game and how to get them, so that you can add them to your own collection right away.

With more than 1,000 Starfield planets in the game, you will be able to find many of these guns across the game in chests, crates, and on enemies. Others, including the Starfield unique weapons, can be acquired from vendors or given as rewards for completing specific missions and milestones. This means that some require more work to get than others. Of course, with Starfield gunning to be one of the best RPG games of all time, you will want to pair your weaponry with the best Starfield skills to make a full build. Here are the strongest weapons we’ve picked up and used in our Starfield review playthrough, and where you can find them.

Best Starfield weapons

The best Starfield weapons are:

Ranging from commonly-found weapons to one-of-a-kind uniques, these are the weapons we’ve found to be the most effective whether you fighting off human or alien foes.

Weirdly, unique weapons aren’t necessarily better than standard weapons, as there’s a handful of bog-standard guns that are incredibly powerful with the right bonus effects. As such, there will be a few surprises in this list, especially as we’ve included options that cover all stages of your playthrough.

Whether you’re level one struggling with limited ammo or level 50, there will be something here for you. We’ve noted which weapons are good at each stage of your playthrough where relevant, letting you know when it’s time to move on.

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One thing you’ll no doubt notice is the prevalence of Physical damage weapons over Energy and especially EM weapons. It’s rather a shame that many of Starfield’s best weapons are Physical, as these are the most grounded, traditional weapons in the game, more akin to the real-life firearms we have today. Energy and Electromagnetic weapons, however, are much more sci-fi infused and are generally more fun to use, though they are also often rather weak.

EM weapons in particular are almost useless as they are designed to be non-lethal. This would be great for stealth builds if only stealth was more prevalent. In fact, there’s only one EM weapon on this list and it’s largely because of a very niche use.

We can only hope that these weapons get buffed by Bethesda in the future, as they have very fun and unique designs, they just lack the power of other weapon types. We’ve no doubt that modders will find great new avenues for these weapons in the meantime. For more on this, check out the Starfield Xbox mods release date.

Please note that the descriptions to a few of the unique weapons toward the end of the list will contain very light spoilers for a couple of faction quests. However, this is a full spoiler warning for the last three entries, as instructions on how to get them will contain major spoilers for the main storyline in Starfield.

Annoyingly, Starfield New Game Plus mode will wipe your inventory clean, including all the best Starfield weapons you’ve hunted down in your current playthrough, so don’t get too precious over them. Luckily, many have set sources so you can always grab them again, and we’ve included the locations where relevant as well. As for random drops, well, you’ll just have to cross your fingers that you’ll get a lucky drop of your favorite weapon early on.

Right, let’s jump into the list of the best Starfield weapons to use, just make sure you’ve got one of the Starfield ships big enough to store them all.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The Grendel can be seen


  • Damage – 3
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.77mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 170
  • Ammo capacity – 50
  • Mod slots – 8

We’re starting off with something simple: the P90 submachine gun but sci-fi. It may not hit hard, but it’s lightweight, has an amazing fire rate, and can be greatly modified to keep up with some of the heavy hitters. It’s easily one of the best Starfield weapons for the early-game, and even into the mid-game if you can get a legendary one with strong bonuses, such as spreading poison damage or dealing bonus damage on consecutive hits. Once you’ve depleted the ammunition of your bigger and punchier guns, you’ll want to have one of these at hand.

The Grendel might be one of the most – if not the most – vanilla guns in Starfield, yet good stat/modification rolls (you should consider this with all weapons) and player-crafted improvements can make it top-tier. Furthermore, it’s so common among Pirates and Spacers – the two most common hostile groups you’ll encounter – that finding one is very straightforward and ammo is ridiculously abundant. It’s our go-to gun at the start of every NG+ run we do as it’s incredibly easy to get and stock up on ammo for, and surprisingly reliable.

Starfield best weapons: The Magshear rifle.


  • Damage – 10
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – .50 MI
  • Rate of fire – 300
  • Ammo capacity – 75
  • Mod slots – 5

The Magshear is a surprisingly devastating railgun given it’s a completely standard weapon. With one short pull of the trigger, you’ll wipe out anything in your path. Even better though, you can get a guaranteed white Advanced Magshear very early on by heading to the gun store in Hopetown.

Don’t let it’s rather average stats and basic quality deceive you, the Magshear is an absolute beast well into the endgame. In fact, you could even make the case that the Magshear is the best weapon in the game, especially considering how little effort it takes to get it. Seriously, head to Hopetown and pick one up early, you won’t regret it. Just be sure to stock up on ammo too as the Magshear is certainly ammo-hungry.

Due to there always being a Magshear at Hopetown, located on Polvo in the Valo system near Narion and Alpha Centauri, you can head here early on in your adventure. Whether you’re on a fresh character or doing a NG+ run, we recommend heading here and picking it up right away.

Starfield best weapons: The Revenant rifle.


  • Damage – 14
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – .50 MI Array
  • Rate of fire – 330
  • Ammo capacity – 150
  • Mod slots – 5

Speaking of the Magshear, the Revenant is a unique version obtained from the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction storyline. Everything great about the standard Magshear is kicked up a notch with the Revenant, which lives up to its name with a powerful bleed effect and extended magazine.

As with the standard Magshear, the Revenant will eat up lots of ammo, so be sure to stock up. And remember that you can also mod unique weapons, just like normal guns. While the list of applicable mods on the Revenant isn’t all that big, you can get some valuable upgrades to increase its effectiveness even further.

Starfield best weapons: Sir Livingstone's Pistol.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

  • Damage – 28
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – .45 Caliber
  • Rate of fire – 67
  • Ammo capacity – 15
  • Mod slots – 4

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is a unique weapon variant of the Old Earth Pistol acquired from your dad. That’s right, with the Kid Stuff trait picked during Starfield character creation, your dad will actually gift you one of the best weapons in the game. Sure, it won’t trump something like the Revenant or Boom Boom, but Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is a beast, especially up until the mid-game. Unfortunately, it lacks strong bonus effects like most other unique weapons, so don’t expect it to outpace some of the other weapons on this list once you get into the endgame.

Boasting high damage and help mods by default, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is worth having on you. Take the time to line up your shots, however, as the .45 Caliber ACP ammo you’ll need for this weapon is not easy to come by at the start of the game. Early on, you’re best off saving the ammo until you really need it.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The lawgiver can be seen


  • Damage – 31
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – .50 Caliber
  • Rate of fire – 10
  • Ammo capacity – 6
  • Mod slots – 6

Whether you like to roleplay as a space outlaw or not, the Lawgiver is a top choice for long-range encounters, especially if you’re investing in the Stealth skill for extra sneak damage. It’s a solid weapon from the get-go, but good rolls are common, and upgrading it by yourself doesn’t require too many materials.

You want to look for (or install) at least a decent scope, the long barrel, and white-hot rounds, but we’ve found in our testing that other builds also fare well. While this rifle may not be suited to face bigger enemies with huge health bars, it’s perfect for cleaning up bases from a distance and hunting dangerous wildlife.

The Lawgiver can be purchased from vendors across the settled systems, found in weapon cases, or looted off of dead Spacers.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The Naval Cutlass can be seen

Naval Cutlass

  • Damage – 25
  • Damage type – Physical

As we mentioned, Starfield doesn’t feature nearly as many melee weapons as The Elder Scrolls or even the Fallout games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing swords, axes, and whatnot to be found across the Settled Systems. The UC Naval Cutlass has rarely disappointed us so far. The base damage is solid, and the blade can be swung around fast enough to stay competitive against heavier enemies. It 100% needs some good rolls/modifiers to become truly awesome though.

It’s not hard to find pretty decent Legendary rolls early on, and you can improve it on your own, but you’ve hit gold if you come across a Naval Cutlass with the fantastic Berserker (more damage the less armor the enemy has), Crippling (extra damage after hitting limbs), and Shattering (breaks through strong armors) modifiers. That’s an all-around amazing melee weapon that you want to keep around for close encounters.

The Naval Cutlass can be found by defeating Spacers, so it’s a relatively common drop.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The Coachman can be seen


  • Damage – 52
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – Caseless Shotgun Ammo
  • Rate of fire – 47
  • Ammo capacity – 2
  • Mod slots – 7

Okay, okay, we’re getting to the shotguns now. There are several options for shottie lovers in Starfield, and we’ve been pleased with the performance of many Coachman variants/builds. It’s your good ol’ double-barreled shottie, but more advanced because of the sci-fi setting. In fact, with the right perks, you can even get this double-barreled shotgun to fire more than two shots before reloading, defying all scientific understanding.

The base damage is more than enough to melt most of the low-level human enemies and fauna, and the reload speed isn’t too bad. It also excels at quickly chipping down beefier enemies’ health bars, provided that you have cover to execute “hit and run” tactics. But of course, you want to gun for always-useful traits like Crippling and maybe improve its range at the nearest weapon station.

The Coachman can be purchased from certain vendors in major cities, by defeating Spacers, digipicking safes, and from weapon racks or cases. They are very common, so you should have no issue tracking one down – finding an excellent one for later in the game, however, may take some more thorough searching.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: Boom Boom can be seen

Boom Boom

  • Damage – 50
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – Caseless Shotgun Ammo
  • Rate of fire – 60
  • Ammo capacity – 20
  • Mod slots – 8

Yes, that’s the full name. We haven’t seen it pop up too often, and it certainly isn’t the most reliable gun in all situations, but it’s a more sci-fi shotgun with decently sized mags and a higher fire rate than the Coachman in exchange for less damage. Moreover, vendors can sell it with the Explosive trait (random explosive rounds), which feels like something straight out of Borderlands. What’s not to love?

With how high the max number of mods you can put on it is, we strongly recommend investing in this little beast even if you don’t come across some great rolls during your adventures.

Boom Boom can be purchased from Neon Tactical in Neon City, Volii Alpha, Volii.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: Deadeye can be seen


  • Damage – 67
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.5mm Whitehot
  • Rate of fire – 12
  • Ammo capacity – 6
  • Mod slots – 8

As the name suggests, the Deadeye is just a straight-up badass revolver that kicks like a mule even in its basic form, which you get the moment you join the Starfield Freestar Collective Rangers (a pretty fun Starfield faction, by the way). If you want to put some Red Dead Redemption energy into your Starfield run, seek this one out as soon as possible.

The aesthetics alone make it worth using, but it’s also a plain excellent side gun to have around for encounters against smaller groups of enemies or when the bigger guns have gone dry.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: Drum Beat can be seen

Drum Beat

  • Damage – 8
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 11mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 160
  • Ammo capacity – 60
  • Mod slots – 7

The Drum Beat is an odd one. In its basic form, it’s an unremarkable rifle that doesn’t seem to excel in most situations, a gun we wouldn’t recommend investing too many resources into. But get lucky with a sick roll looted from a random Pirate and it may become one of your favorites. The lesson here is that it’s a pretty good platform for wildly different builds even if fails to impress at first.

The best drop we’ve come across had a laser sight, a medium scope, a suppressor, no stock, white-hot rounds, and a semi-automatic configuration. On top of all that, it packed the Cornered (more damage with less health) and Radioactive (random radioactive damage and demoralizes the targets) traits. That build of the Drum Beat is simply great for going silent and hitting hard in almost any scenario. If you can get your hands on a similar roll, don’t drop it.

Drum Beat can be purchased from Neon Tactical in Neon City, Volii Alpha, Volii. Additionally, it can be acquired by defeating enemies, and from weapon racks or cases.

Starfield best weapons: The Kodama rifle.


  • Damage – 13
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.77mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 170
  • Ammo capacity – 30
  • Mod slots – 7

The Kodama is a standard SMG belonging to the rifle class. Despite this, with a rapid rate of fire it’s capable of some great damage up until around the mid-game when you’ll start getting some of the other weapons on this list.

With such an extensive weapon mod list, you can push this even further. This is especially true if you have good bonuses by default, such as Furious which increases damage on consecutive hits. However, the blazingly fast rate of fire does have one downside. Say goodbye to your ammo supply…

Another reason this weapon is a popular as it is amongst the community is because it’s easy to get. As a standard weapon, you can loot a Kodama from enemies like Spacers and Ecliptic Mercenaries, or you can buy it from gun stores, including the UC Exchange in New Atlantis.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: Fiscal Quarter can be seen

Fiscal Quarter

  • Damage – 4
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 6.5mm CT
  • Rate of fire – 180
  • Ammo capacity – 40
  • Mod slots – 7

The Fiscal Quarter is a unique variant of the extremely common Maelstrom rifle. You can get it from finishing the mission in the main Constellation questline which involves Walter Stroud and a wild trip to Neon. We’re not sure whether the stat and mod roll from the quest can vary, but in our experience, it’s always a solid one worth using over the standard Maelstrom rifle (unless you can find an Advanced version, of course).

It’s a well-equipped automatic rifle with armor-piercing grounds and upgrades to the base stats that never feels dull to use nor useless. Much like the Grendel SMG and its 7.5mm bullets, 6.5mm ammo is easy to come by in almost all colonized locations, so keeping this bad boy well-fed isn’t a hassle either.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The N67 Smartgun can be seen

N67 Smartgun

  • Damage – 11
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.77mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 350
  • Ammo capacity – 300
  • Mod slots – 6

Players who love heavy weapons in the Fallout games have something to celebrate here: Starfield’s take on miniguns is amazing even in its more basic forms. The mass number (15.10) is certainly a lot, but if you can stock up on enough 7.77mm bullets, this giant gun can melt through entire groups of human enemies and quickly chip down beefier single targets. Be wary though, the staggering 350 rate of fire stat means it will absolutely destroy your ammo supply.

Any modification that can improve the handling and recoil is welcome here, but above all, look into adding armor-piercing rounds. If you’re lucky enough, you can find N67s with the aforementioned Shattering trait, which makes an enemy’s armor even more pointless.

The N67 Smartgun can be purchased from UC Distribution in New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri.

Starfield Best Weapons and Guns: The Cutter can be seen


  • Damage – 4
  • Damage type – Energy
  • Ammo type – N/A
  • Rate of fire – 76
  • Ammo capacity – 100
  • Mod slots – 0

Yes, for real. The mining tool you have as soon as you start your Starfield run is one of the most underrated weapons in the game. You don’t want to bring a cutter to a hectic gunfight or against an alien behemoth, but it won’t run out of ammo (only needs quick recharges) and doesn’t deal terrible damage. In fact, using the Cutter against the smaller hostile creatures isn’t a bad idea to save some ammo.

On many occasions, you will run out of ammo in the middle of a lengthy dungeon-like location, and the Cutter might get you out of a pickle if you haven’t invested in hand-to-hand combat. An extra tip: Heller’s Cutter is a better version of the regular tool that you can get early on in the main quest – it deals 20% extra damage against robots.

Starfield best weapons: A well-worn, yellow and silver industrial welding machine

Arc Welder

  • Damage – 16
  • Damage type – Energy
  • Ammo type – 3kV LZR Cartridge
  • Rate of fire – 76
  • Ammo capacity – 100
  • Mod slots – 2

The Arc Welder is a commonly found heavy weapon that you might overlook at first since its base damage (16 energy per hit) isn’t anything out of this world. However, it can become a good option to clear out groups of low-level enemies when coupled with the Heavy Weapons Certification skill.

Furthermore, like all non-unique weapons in the game, the Arc Welder can be found with powerful traits that enhance its usefulness in certain scenarios, such as Disassembler (extra damage against robots) or Furious (each consecutive hit deals more damage). Another positive is that the 3KV LZR ammunition is easy to find and relatively cheap to buy from vendors.

Starfield best weapons: A small compact silver gun with a black trigger and grip

Big Bang

  • Damage – 126
  • Damage type – Energy, Physical
  • Ammo type – Heavy Fuse
  • Rate of fire – 14
  • Ammo capacity – 8
  • Mod slots – 7

The Big Bang is a fantastic shotgun even as a common (gray) drop, and it can only be better with mods added on top of it. Though it’s normally found as regular loot and in several NPC inventories, this energy shotgun isn’t an extremely common drop in our experience, unlike some of the other standard weapons like the Maelstrom or the Grendel.

The Big Bang deals 32 physical damage and a whopping 94 energy damage per hit, with a base magazine capacity of eight rounds, which translates into plenty of close-quarters damage in a very short amount of time. Slap the right mods on it and you’ll have a trusty beast that seems tailor-made for boarding shootouts.

Starfiled best weapons: a futuristic looking silver, black, and gold rifle with a rectangular body and a long thin barrel


  • Damage – 36
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.77mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 50
  • Ammo capacity – 30
  • Mod slots – 8

The Beowulf is another overlooked standard weapon: a light assault rifle that hits harder than its Grendel sibling and with more accuracy in exchange for losing fire rate. A basic Beowulf drop – commonly used by members of the UC faction – isn’t very impressive past the early hours of the game, but the right traits and mods can quickly turn it into a very reliable ballistic weapon.

In our experience, Extended Magazine is a trait you should look for, as going from 30 to 60 rounds on the Beowulf is a huge upgrade. Then, anything that boosts the limited base damage and/or adds extra effects to each hit you land on enemies can take Beowulf from okay to fantastic.

Best Starfield weapons: The Novablast Disruptor against a dark blue background in the inventory page.

Novablast Disruptor

  • Damage – 100
  • Damage type – EM
  • Ammo type – Heavy Particle Fuse
  • Rate of fire – 20
  • Ammo capacity – 5
  • Mod slots – 5

The Novablast Disruptor is the only fully EM weapon to feature on this list, and that’s because of its niche use in stealth and speed-running sections. Instead of killing opponents, this electromagnetic blast will knock enemies unconscious for a short duration. As you might have guessed, we don’t recommend you use this for killing foes, especially bosses.

However, since you can hold down the fire button to charge the Novablast Disruptor, you can quickly fire an insta-knockout stun blast. This is great if you just want to swiftly run through an area without actually fighting foes, which is a good strategy for the annoying stealth sections in the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction questline. While it’s not a silent weapon, EM weapons are generally quieter and less likely to alert nearby enemies when firing – again, it’s not silent.

Starfield best weapons: A large black rocket launcher with small red accents

Reckless Bombardment

  • Damage – 120
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 40mm XPL
  • Rate of fire – 12
  • Ammo capacity – 10
  • Mod slots – 6

With a name like Reckless Bombardment, you know right away this weapon will be a blast to use. This grenade launcher is a unique, rare heavy weapon that can be acquired during the Hostile Intelligence mission (UC faction questline) from vendor Azevedo on Mars. He can be found at the Red Devils’ base of operations.

Each explosion caused by this monster causes 120 physical damage, but the Crippling trait it packs adds +30% damage on the next attack after hitting a target’s limbs. Since this weapon spits out grenades, you can see why Crippling is fantastic here. Moreover, the Reckless Bombardment comes with five mods pre-installed: stabilizing barrel, recon laser sight, reflex sight, tactical stock, and hornet nest.

Starfiled best weapons: a grey and blue submachine gun with a large drum magazine

Vampire’s Gift

  • Damage – 20
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 7.77mm Caseless
  • Rate of fire – 120
  • Ammo capacity – 66
  • Mod slots – 7

The Reckless Bombardment isn’t the only amazing weapon sold by Azevedo during the Hostile Intelligence mission. He also sells the aptly named Vampire’s Gift, a unique rifle with a 66-round magazine and a fire rate of 120 with the Med Theft trait, which boosts the chance of human enemies dropping med packs on death.

This rare rifle is rounded out by six mods: recon laser sight, suppressor, folding stock, flechette drum magazine, high velocity, and burst fire. It also uses 7.77mm ammo, so you won’t find yourself with dry magazines too often. Overall, this gun is among the best and most reliable in the game for mid-distance shootouts.

Starfiled best weapons: a scoped rifle made of silver and black metal and dark brown wood

Shattered Shock

  • Damage – 127
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 40mm XPL
  • Rate of fire – 5
  • Ammo capacity – 6
  • Mod slots – 6

The Hostile Intelligence mission is the gift that keeps on giving, but the Shattered Shock isn’t sold by Azevedo. Instead, you can get it by looting containers in Londinium while collecting the samples required by the mission objectives. It’s a unique heavy weapon that looks like a beefy shotgun, but it actually spits out explosive rounds!

This rare heavy weapon uses 40mm XPL ammunition and has 6-round mags, with each successful hit dealing 127 physical damage. The extra spice is added by the Shattering trait, which makes the damage break through even the strongest Starfield armor. It also has three mods that make it a heavy rifle of sorts: long barrel, short scope, and tactical stock.

Starfiled best weapons: a red and black futuristic pistol


  • Damage – 64
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – .43 MI Array
  • Rate of fire – 140
  • Ammo capacity – 6
  • Mod slots – 6

The Keelhauler is the all-around best pistol we’ve found in Starfield. In fact, this unique variant of the Magshot is so good that you could use it as your main weapon. You can get this red-painted beauty after joining the Crimson Fleet faction.

It comes with three effects/traits: Stagger (small chance to stagger enemies), Berserker (more damage the less armor an enemy has), and Frenzy (small chance to cause frenzy to targets). Moreover, it comes with four mods that make it extremely versatile: long barrel, recon laser sight, compensator, and fully automatic.

Starfield best weapons: Experiment A-7

Experiment A-7

  • Damage – 119
  • Damage type – Physical
  • Ammo type – 15×25 CLL Shotgun Shell
  • Rate of fire – 10
  • Ammo capacity – 6
  • Mod slots – 8

The best Starfield weapon against aliens is the Experiment A-7. Though it’s only classed as a rare shotgun, Experiment A-7 comes with the Exterminator perk, granting a whopping 30% bonus damage against the various extra-terrestrials you’ll find on your interstellar journey.

Experiment A-7 can be acquired during the Starfield Entangled mission by asking head of security Ethan Hughes about the scorpion-like creatures that inhabit the planet, before persuading him to give you the gun to help take them out. However, you’ll need at least a point in the Persuasion skill for this, or access to the Manipulate mechanic.

OK, we’re approaching the final three guns on our best Starfield weapons list – this is your final major spoiler warning as the following entries will briefly touch on some things that appear towards the end of the main Constellation quest line.

You have been warned! Right, let’s jump into these three amazing weapons.

Starfield best weapons: A one-handed melee weapon with a short but wide green blade

The Last Priest

  • Damage – 62
  • Damage type – Physical

The Last Priest is a really special melee weapon that you can get by completing the Infinity’s End side quest, which is only available if you side with the Hunter in the Unearthed main quest. Moreover, you need to either kill the Keeper or convince the Hunter that he’s dead to obtain the weapon.

This one-handed, blade-like melee weapon is a unique variant of the Va’ruun Painblade. In fact, it’s visually identical. However, it packs a rare effect/trait called Elemental that makes it randomly deal corrosive, radiation, poison, and incendiary damage. Once you stack all that bonus hurt on top of the notable 62 base physical damage, it’s easy to see the Last Priest as one of the game’s best melee weapons (if not the straight-up best).

Starfield best weapons: Eternity's Gate

Eternity’s Gate

  • Damage – 67
  • Damage type – Energy, Physical
  • Ammo type – Heavy Fuse
  • Rate of fire – 25
  • Ammo capacity – 20
  • Mod slots – 6

The best Starfield weapon overall is Eternity’s Gate. This Legendary particle beam rifle is wickedly accurate, incredibly powerful and, if it’s not to your liking, probably the most valuable weapon in the game. Eternity’s Gate comes with some mighty perks – Skip Shot, Handloading, and Anti-Personnel.

Eternity’s Gate can be acquired by making one of two choices in the ‘Unearthed’ main mission: siding with the Hunter, or not siding with either Starborn. In the first instance, it will drop after killing the Emissary in ‘Revelation’ – Starfield’s penultimate mission. In the second, you can kill both the Emissary and the Hunter for their respective weapons (the latter being Unmitigated Violence, but more on that below).

Starfield best weapons: Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence

  • Damage – 125
  • Damage type – Energy
  • Ammo type – 3kV LZR Cartridge
  • Rate of fire – 33
  • Ammo capacity – 50
  • Mod slots – 7

While we’d opt to kill the Emissary in ‘Revelation’ if given a straight-up choice between it and the Hunter, choosing the latter will still net you a very respectable Legendary laser rifle in Unmitigated Violence.

Boasting a full complement of mods, as well as the Frenzy, Radioactive, and Instigating perks, Unmitigated Violence is capable of inflicting some of the nastiest debuffs in the game on unwitting enemies.

We’ve got a guide covering whether you should side with the Hunter or Emissary in Starfield so you can make the right decision for you, especially with such great rewards to weigh up.

And those are all the best Starfield weapons you can get. As we mentioned at the beginning, Bethesda’s space odyssey is immense and often randomized, so there are tons of weapons to find that can pair well with the best Starfield backgrounds and best Starfield traits, as well as your overall build. After all that treasure hunting, it’s a good time to kick back and relax at one of the best Starfield outpost locations – Starfield really has it all. No wonder it’s one of the best Xbox games of them all, though some new Xbox games could give it some stiff competition.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.