Starfield planets – all known worlds and systems

There will be over 1,000 Starfield planets to explore, so here are all the planets that have been spotted in trailers or confirmed by Bethesda so far.

Starfield planets: A person in a spacesuit stands looks out across a rocky mountainous landscape

Want to know more about the Starfield planets? Well, we couldn’t blame you, as there are absolutely loads of them. From desolate moons, to populated planets, to massive gas giants, there are a lot of worlds to explore in Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG.

In the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June 2022, it was revealed that Starfield would contain “over 1,000 planets” situated in over 100 different star systems. That’s a lot of planets, but those numbers aren’t just for show. Bethesda also revealed that players can land and explore each and every one of them when the Starfield release date arrives.

From “baron, but resource heavy ice balls” like Chawla to “Goldilocks planets with life” like Gagarin, each of the Starfield planets comes with its own identity – gravity, temperature, types of fauna and flora, water content, and more will vary from place to place. So far, we only know about a handful of these worlds, either from official Bethesda communications or by spotting them in trailers and screenshots, so let’s take a look at them.

Starfield planets

The currently-known Starfield planets and moons are:

  • Mars
  • Jemison
  • Gagarin
  • Olivas
  • Chawla
  • Vectera
  • Kreet
  • Anselon
  • Cassiopeia I
  • Tau Centi VIII-B
  • Charybdis III
  • Nesoi

Below we’ll go over what we know about each planet, which star system they’re in, and when they were revealed or spotted.

Starfield planets: A map of the Alpha Centauri star system

Alpha Centauri

This star system is the one we know the most about and is seemingly the main hub of at least one of Starfield’s largest factions, United Colonies. Thanks to the extended gameplay trailer, we know that Alpha Centauri is home to three planets, one with two moons and a gas giant with several moons.

It’s interesting to note that all of Alpha Centauri’s confirmed planet names so far all pay homage to a famous astronaut.

The main planet, Jemison, is also where one of the main Starfield cities, New Atlantis, is found.

Here are all the known Starfield planets in the Alpha Centauri system:

  • Jemison (home to New Atlantis)
  • Gagarin
  • Olivas
  • Chawla

Starfield planets: An in-game screenshot of Starfield's base building system on the rocky planet of Vectera


Another system we know a little something about is Narion. Shown briefly during Bethesda’s gameplay trailer, Vectera, the moon of Narion, is used to demonstrate the outpost system of Starfield. Outposts can be built, which act as a “home away from home” used for survival and resource generation. You can also hire characters you meet along the way to work on your outpost, at a location of your choosing, to keep it up and running.

The known planets in Narion are:

  • Vectera

Starfield planets: A person in a spacesuit walks across a Mars-like landscape and looks at an abandoned rover vehicle


Sol is our own solar system, which Bethesda has confirmed you can visit in Starfield. The only planet that we are guaranteed to be setting foot on is Mars. The red planet is the location for another of Starfield’s major cities, Cydonia, and was settled by humans early on in their space exploration era by the sounds of things after something ominous happened to Earth. While not confirmed if we’ll be able to go to Earth, we will be finding out what happened to it as part of the story. It’s also unconfirmed at the moment how many more planets and moons in Sol will be explorable alongside Mars.

The confirmed explorable Starfield planets in Sol are:

  • Mars
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Other systems

Plenty of other planet names have been spotted, most of which were seen in the trailer above. However, which system they belong to is unconfirmed right now. We do the name of some other systems, such as Porrima and Volii, but it’s unclear if any of the following planets or moons can be found in these systems.

  • Anselon: A currently unseen planet that has Kreet as one of its moons.
  • Kreet: home to an “abandoned research facility” where you’ll come across pirates of the Starfield faction, the Crimson Fleet. Featured in the gameplay section of June 2022’s Starfield showcase.
  • Cassiopeia I: a planet briefly spotted during Starfield’s second release date trailer. It looks quite Earth-like, with green trees and rock formations.
  • Nesoi: another planet that featured in the second release date trailer. Nesoi again featured lots of plants, and some man-made structures that looked like futuristic wind turbines.
  • Tau Centi VIII-B: another planet from that trailer, which seemed teeming with life, including some dinosaur-like creatures.
  • Charybdis III: a planet spotted in Starfield’s second release date trailer. While we don’t see the planet’s environment itself, the player is fighting a terrifying monster inside a building.
  • Aquatic planet with unconfirmed name: home to Starfield faction, XenoFresh Corporation, and the pleasure city of Neon.
  • Dry “western” planet with no known name: home to another large faction in the game, Freestar Collective, this planet is home to the walled city of Akila, but the name of the planet is currently unknown.

That’s everything we know so far about the Starfield planets and moons, but we’ll be sure to keep this guide updated when we hear or see more.

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