Starfield religions guide – every religion revealed so far

Curious about all the Starfield religions which have been revealed so far? Here is what we know about each of them ahead of release

Starfield Religions: A man can be seen talking to the main character

Starfield has a lot of different groups of people that you can interact with. There are a number of Starfield factions and within those factions, there are religions that you can join or either ignore or actively be in conflict with. But, what are the Starfield religions that Bethesda Games Studios have discussed so far?

Very little has been showcased about these religions in gameplay, however, a look at the Starfield backgrounds has given us an idea of some of the groups that you can either be a part of or join as you make your way throughout the stars. Religions don’t seem to be as large of a feature as factions, however, and more of a background characteristic you can apply to your character.

Below, you can find a rundown of the Starfield religions that have been revealed as well as any additional details about them that we have gathered from gameplay or trailers.

sTARFIELD Religions

So far, we know about three Starfield religions that will be in the game. This likely isn’t all of them, with others hidden away on one of the game’s 1,000 Starfield planets.

These religions are:

  • Enlightened
  • Sanctum Universal
  • The Great Serpent

All of these religions are mentioned within the backgrounds that have been revealed for the game. You can choose once of these tied backgrounds to begin your game as a follower of one of these religions.

The Enlightened are seemingly Starfield’s science-based religion that won’t trade with the Sanctum Universal, which is an ominous-sounding faith that most likely goes against what the Enlightened believe. Therefore, we can infer that they are a more traditional form of religion in Starfield’s universe, the more boring kind of religion.

But, joining The Great Serpent religion of beginning the game as a member requires you to consistently jump or you will lose health and your stats will be reduced. This doesn’t sound fun, but it definitely seems to be the most interesting of the factions with ‘The Great Serpent’ likely referring to the ominous being that boosts or decreases your stats based on how much you are jumping.

That covers the Starfield religions which have been revealed so far. We expect a few more to be in the final release, so when we hear about more we will update this article. Alongside your choice or religion at the beginning of the game, you can make a number of other decisions, including which Starfield traits to assign to your character which can give you extra bonuses alongside the Starfield skills you unlock.