Starfield character creation – every part you can customise

Curious about the many different facets that make up the Starfield character creation? Here is every part you can customise when crafting your chaarcter

Starfield Character Creation: The main character can be seen in the menu

Character creation in Bethesda RPGs is one of the most important parts of the game, as you get to build your character out to be the person you want to play. But, what do we know about Starfield Character Creation?

So far we have got a pretty good look at what Bethesda Games Studios are bringing to their latest RPG, but, there are still some key questions. For example, how much can you change and will you be able to alter your appearance after beginning the game? However, it does appear that Starfield’s character creation options are more traditional and some experimental features like the “face sculpting” from Fallout 4 are gone.

However, there are still a lot of features when it comes to Starfield character creation that we have seen and you can find those, and an overview of each, one below, deeper into this article.

Starfield Character Creation

These are the key Starfield character creation options that you can change in the RPG:

  • Biometric ID
  • Body
  • Face
  • Background
  • Traits

Starfield Character Creation: The Biometric ID menu can be seen

Biometric ID

Your Biometric ID appears to be templates or bases that you can choose from to build a character.

After choosing one of these, you can then move on to the other sections to further define your character in Starfield.

Starfield Character Creation: The body menu can be seen


The Body category in the character creation screen governs how muscular, thin, or heavy your character is. All of these can be changed however you like, using a three-point system.

You can also change your character’s skin tone, walk style, and their body type.

Starfield Character Creation: The Face option governs how your head and face look and any blemishes or makeup you want to apply


The Face category does what it says on the tin pretty much. It covers key features like skin tone, head shape, hair and hair colour, and eyes.

It also covers other aspects like the mouth, nose, and ears.

Starfield Character Creation: The background menu can be seen


Your background forms the base class of your character and can equip you with a number of different skills to make you more proficient off the bat at things like hacking or diplomacy with other people.

There are a number of different backgrounds to choose from, but you can diversify your character’s focus as you play more.

Starfield Character Creation: The Traits menu can be seen on the screen


Traits are smaller bonuses than your background and tend to provide specific buffs or nerfs in one area.

These can include more dialogue options or other specific downsides like being able to visit your parents, but at the cost of having 10% of all money you earn sent to them?

That covers the base Starfield character creation. But, if you are curious about some of the deeper systems at play, check out the Starfield Traits and Starfield backgrounds that help shape your character as you play through the game.