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Starfield Freestar Collective faction, how to join, rewards, and more

Find out how to join the Freestar Collective in Starfield, as well as all the quests and rewards for the Freestar Rangers faction story in Bethesda’s space RPG.

Starfield Freestar Collective: Sam Coe and the Deadeye pistol against a blurred background of Akila City.

How do you join the Freestar Collective in Starfield? The Starfield Freestar Collective is one of the major factions in the game, being one of only two true governments controlling the Settled Systems. So, here’s all there is to know about the Starfield Freestar Rangers faction, including how to join them and all the rewards for doing so.

Alongside the United Colonies – another joinable faction through the Starfield UC Vanguard group – the Freestar Collective is one of two interstellar governments. As you might have guessed, there’s not always peace between the Starfield factions; it’s not limited to the Starfield Crimson Fleet, a band of marauders. In our time with Bethesda’s latest RPG for our Starfield review, we’ve had the chance to learn all about the Freestar Collective.

How to join the Freestar Collective in Starfield

To join the Freestar Collective in Starfield, travel to Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system. Here, intervene in the Job Gone Wrong bank robbery quest that begins once you land, then complete the follow-up mission Deputized.

Doing so will impress the Marshal who recommends you speak to Emma Wilcox to join the Freestar Rangers during the Deputized mission.

Starfield Freestar Collective: Emma Wilcox talking to the player, telling you how to join the Freestar Collective faction.

Emma Wilcox, found inside The Rock bar in Akila City, will then set you with the task of completing a job on the nearby Starfield Mission Board to complete the Deputized quest. This will see you formally join the Freestar Rangers faction.

You will most likely encounter this event in Akila City during the main quest The Empty Nest, though you can arrive here beforehand to join the Freestar Collective. During The Empty Nest – one of the main Starfield missions – you will travel to Akila City alongside Sam Coe, another Constellation member. If you’re wondering where to find Akila City, head to the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system.

When you arrive, you will receive the Job Gone Wrong quest to intervene with the ongoing bank robbery in the city. You can complete the Job Gone Wrong quest by using the Starfield persuasion mini-game the robbers to back down, or by sneaking in and eliminating the gang. Either way, the Marshal will be impressed and point you in the direction of Emma Wilcox to join the Freestar Rangers with a new quest – Deputized.

Starfield Freestar Collective: Sam Coe, a descendant of the founder of the faction.

Job Gone Wrong

Job Gone Wrong is the first quest required to join the Freestar Collective Rangers. Received upon arriving in Akila City, you will have to stop a robbery at GalBank, either through persuading the gang to stop or by defeating them.

Once you’ve put an end to the robbery, speak to the nearby Marshal, marking the end of the Job Gone Wrong quest. Now, the Marshal will give you the Deputized quest, pushing you to speak to Emma Wilcox of the Freestar Rangers.

Starfield Freestar Collective: The Freestar Collective Mission Board required to complete the Deputized quest.


Deputized is the first true quest for the Freestar Collective, working alongside Emma Wilcox herself. While Wilcox isn’t quite as impressed as the Marshal, she will let you choose a mission from the Freestar Collective Mission Board.

Complete one of these missions to progress the Deputized quest and formally join the Freestar Rangers, at which point you will also be given various faction rewards. You will then be accompanied by Emma Wilcox to investigate a plea for help from a farmer on Montara Luna. Follow the objective markers to confront the mercenaries that are intimidating the farmer.

Where Hope is Built

The following quest, Where Hope is Built, sees you returning to Akila City after confronting the mercenaries on Monara Luna. From here, your first assignment as a Deputy of the Freestar Rangers is to learn why the First mercenary company is threatening farmers.

All Starfield Freestar Collective missions

The Starfield Freestar Collective missions are:

  • Job Gone Wrong
  • Deputized
  • Where Hope is Built
  • Shadows in Neon
  • Surgical Strike
  • On the Run
  • First to Fight, First to Die
  • The Hammer Falls

The Freestar Collective quests see you working alongside Emma Wilcox to solve a mystery surrounding a group of mercenaries, all while protecting those who live in Freestar territory. If you’re looking for some gunslinger vibes, then the Freestar Collective quests will no doubt be a blast.

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Starfield Freestar Collective rewards

The Starfield Freestar Collective rewards include:

  • Ranger Deputy Uniform
  • Ranger Deputy Hat
  • Freestar Deputy Badge
  • Deadeye pistol
  • Ranger Duelwear
  • Ranger Power Pack
  • Ranger Space Helmet
  • Ranger Spacesuit
  • Freestar Ranger Badge
  • Justifier rifle
  • Freestar Rangers Mission Board
  • Credits
  • XP

Starfield Freestar Collective: The Deadeye pistol in the inventory menu, a reward from the Freestar Rangers.

The Deadeye pistol, received midway through the Deputized quest, is an incredibly unique and stunning weapon. With gold inlays and engravings, it’s certainly a great weapon to look at, but it also boasts very high damage. Unfortunately, the 7.5mm ammo is rare at the start of the game.

As for the Ranger Deputy gear, it’s not incredibly strong overall. However, it will let you roleplay your new position as Deputy in the Freestar Collective Rangers, so we can’t fault it for that.

Completing the Freestar Rangers quests will eventually reward you with the full Ranger gear set, which is significantly better than the Deputy outfit, as well as the Justifier rifle. The Justifier is the star of the show, featuring a unique design, high damage, and plenty of weapon upgrades. Given it’s one of the many Starfield unique weapons, it’s not all that surprising how special this weapon is.

Starfield Freestar Collective: A player walking through Alika City.

Starfield Freestar Collective lore

The Freestar Collective was established in 2189 by Solomon Coe, the founder of Akila City. Solomon Coe formed an alliance between the Cheyenne system and the Volii system, and in 2194, the Narion system voted to join the Freestar Collective. Their reason for joining was based on hostilities with the United Colonies following the placement of space station above the planet of Deepala, spreading fears of the annexation of Narion.

Following this, the Freestar Collective moved to protect Narion from any possible advancements by the United Colonies in 2195. However, in 2196, the UC sent a fleet to Narion which prompted the Collective to do the same, triggering the onset of the Narion War.

After decades of fighting, the Treaty of Narion was signed in 2216 to establish peace, with Narion being allowed into the Freestar Collective, though likely to the dismay of the UC.

In 2221, the Freestar Rangers were formed to protect and investigate threats to Freestar territory. This is the group that you will join during the Freestar Collective faction story.

This wasn’t an end to the fighting though, as the Colony War began in 2308 following the Collective’s actions to establish a farming colony on the planet of Vesta. The United Colonies were against this, seeing it as an affront to the Treaty of Narion. The UC ultimately responded by destroying this new colony. However, the Colony War came to a close after the Battle of Cheyenne in 2311, with the defeat of a UC Navy fleet.

Since then, there has been an uneasy peace. You’ll get to experience this for yourself in-game, as this is roughly when Starfield’s main story takes place.

Is it worth joining the Freestar Collective in Starfield?

Joining the Freestar Rangers, a group within the Freestar Collective, is certainly worth it. Not only does this faction have a great storyline that gives you the perfect opportunity to adventure with Sam Coe – one of the Starfield companions – but it also offers great rewards. In fact, the Deadeye and Justifier are arguably among the best Starfield weapons you can get. Likewise, the Ranger gear is a unique Starfield armor set that can serve you well as you explore the universe.

So, that’s all there is to know about the Starfield Freestar Collective Rangers faction, from how to join them, to all the rewards up for grabs. Given you can join all factions, there’s no harm in at least collecting all the rewards to make the best Starfield builds for your character.

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