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Halo Infinite ranks, ranking tiers, and more

Looking for the scoop on all the Halo Infinite ranks? Here's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite ranking system found in multiplayer.

Halo Infinite ranks: A Spartan clutches a gun

Halo is by far and away one of the most popular and celebrated FPS games of all time. With Halo Infinite, you can put your skills to the test with a dedicated ranked mode. Given Halo’s long-standing emphasis on precision and a strong understanding of its sandbox, it certainly offers up some of the most intense competitive shooting out there.

However, you’ll want to know how it all works before heading into Halo Infinite ranked. Otherwise, you’re just putting your rank on the line, and it’s harder to move up the ranks than it is to fall.

Halo Infinite ranked explained

Like many other competitive shooters out there, Halo Infinite follows a ladder structure with 31 ranks split across six Halo Infinite ranking tiers.

These are the Halo Infinite ranks: 

  • Bronze I-VI
  • Silver I – VI
  • Gold I – VI
  • Platinum I – VI
  • Diamond I – VI
  • Onyx

As you can see, Bronze is the lowest ranking tier and Onyx is the highest. Each tier, apart from Onyx, has six ranks within it, so prepare for a bit of a grind to make it to the top.

It’s worth noting that when you boot into the game for the first time, you’ll need to complete ten ranked placement matches to get your first Halo Infinite rank, so make sure you warm up first. Once you have that rank, you’ll then be able to grind the Ranked Arena where there are separate queues for controller or mouse and keyboard, solos, and duos.

Halo Infinite ranks: A Spartan runs across a platform in Halo Infinite multiplayer

How does the Halo Infinite ranking system work?

The Halo Infinite ranking system is based on performance. The in-game message explains that your “rank improves when you perform better than expected,” with matchmaking based on your Competitive Skill Rank (CSR).

In effect, complete objectives, kill enemies, and aid your team while keeping your death count low to move up the ranks. Most of all though, you’ll want to win matches. Just remember that this isn’t a quick and easy process.

From February 2023 onwards, the Halo Infinite ranking system was tweaked to improve matchmaking quality, with looser MMR restrictions which helped high-level players find matches. In general, this made winning matches even more important.

Halo Infinite ranks: A special Halo Infinite armour set that has a skull mask

What are the Halo Infinite ranked rules?

Like all good competitive modes, Halo Infinite’s ranked differs ever so slightly from the standard modes. This is to improve the game’s competitive integrity online and keep you playing on an even playing field.

The starting loadout in ranked does change from time to time, but the arsenal of tools at your disposal is much more regulated for a better competitive experience overall.

So there you have it, everything you should know before heading into Halo Infinite ranked. Grab the best Halo Infinite weapons and get ready for some competitive action.