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Toxic Commando release date, story, gameplay, classes, more

Find out everything we currently know about this exciting co-op zombie game ahead of the Toxic Commando release date, including story and gameplay details.

Toxic Commando release date: A male character holding the steering wheel looking directly into the camera with a smug expression.

When is the Toxic Commando release date? Mowing down hordes of zombies never gets old, but iconic director John Carpenter has teamed up with Saber Interactive to make Toxic Commando, a co-op zombie shooter with a twist. Here’s everything we know about Toxic Commando, from release date speculation, to story and gameplay details, as well as possible classes.

John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando was one of the biggest surprises of the Summer Game Fest 2023 event, combining the style of John Carpenter’s much-loved horror films with the intense zombie action of Saber Interactive’s World War Z game. Together, they’re creating a really intriguing and bombastic zombie shooter to rival the best FPS games in terms of action.

Toxic Commando release date window

The Toxic Commando release date is currently sometime in 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, however we expect the game to arrive in late 2024 as it was only revealed during Summer Game Fest this June.

Given that this exciting new spin on the co-op zombie shooter has only recently been announced with a vague release window of 2024, it’s likely we’ll have to wait a while before we can dive headlong into the action. We’ll update this guide as soon as we know more though, so you’re always up to date with the latest on the Toxic Commando release date.

Toxic Commando release date: A player holding a gun in first-person with a horde of zombies approaching.

Toxic Commando story

Set in the near future, a failed attempt to harness the energy of the Earth’s core resulted in the release of the Sludge God, the evil entity behind the undead uprising and the very soil itself turning to sludge. It’s our job to set things right.

Tasked by the genius behind the failed experiment, you will take control of a mercenary known as a Toxic Commando to obliterate hordes of undead and defeat the Sludge God. The Toxic Commandos weren’t exactly the first crew picked for the job, however, just the cheapest. Choose your commando and charge headfirst into the hordes.

Toxic Commando release date: A truck driving through a horde of zombies at night.

Toxic Commando gameplay

Toxic Commando is an intense co-op first-person shooter in which you’ll carve a path through hordes of undead and other monsters with a wide array of guns and even vehicles armed to the teeth. Inspired by the legendary director John Carpenter, expect classic 80s horror, brutal action, and over-the-top humor as you face down the undead alongside your friends.

You will pick from one of the Toxic Commando classes, each with their own unique playstyle and equipment, before heading into the action. You’ll also be able to upgrade your skills and acquire new abilities to take on increasingly difficult challenges.

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From the Summer Game Fest 2023 Toxic Commando reveal trailer, it’s clear the overwhelming size of the hordes is a key element of the gameplay experience, with players teaming up and using heavy firepower to somehow survive. The trailer showed off several vehicles players can use to amp up the action, from Humvees with mounted machine guns to big-rigs decked out with spikes and a ram. We were also shown a variety of different weapons, from basic sidearms and assault rifles to high-powered rocket launches and heavy machine guns.

Toxic Commando classes: A player reloading their weapon as their shock drone activates against a group of zombies.

Toxic Commando classes

There will be multiple Toxic Commando classes to choose from based on your playstyle, each with different abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded. It wasn’t revealed how many classes we can expect to see, nor any of the names. With that being said, the trailer did give us a glimpse at one of the exciting abilities – a shock drone – which featured prominently. This shock drone appears to stun and deal damage to infected in a small area.

With how important vehicles look to be, it’s possible there could be some sort of mechanic class that has bonuses to driving. This is especially likely after one sequence looks to show someone interacting with a vehicle, perhaps to repair it.

While it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s also possible that weapons and equipment vary depending on your class. For example, the rocket launcher or grenade could be locked to a demolition expert. This would further give each class their own identity besides their abilities, though we’ll have to wait to learn more.

That’s all we currently know about the game ahead of the Toxic Commando release date. This mashup between John Carpenter and Saber Interactive certainly looks intriguing so far, though only time will tell if it will become one of the best co-op games out there.