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Suicide Squad game may have planted a Red Hood tease in plain sight

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League continues the legacy of the Arkhamverse and DC Comics fans think that Red Hood could appear alongside Batman in the game.

Kevin Conroy Batman in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League and Red Hood from Arkham Knight

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is gearing up to be a particularly outrageous tale for the famous DC Comics team. With favourites such as Harley Quinn and Deadshot in the mix, other characters from the Arkhamverse like the late Kevin Conroy’s iteration of Batman are also set to return. However, DC Comics fans think that Batman’s protege Red Hood could be in the game, following a possible tease in the latest State of Play gameplay footage.

PlayStation fans are enjoying the latest glimpse of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, following fresh footage from February’s State of Play presentation. The vibrant preview is a bevvy of action thrills and gnarly kills, but it’s the new additions to the Arkhamverse lore, particularly in the form of a possible Red Hood appearance that has fans hyped up. Redditor ‘nightwing001‘ theorises “I KNOW that sounded familiar”, referring to a voice-over snippet at the end of the preview.

While it may appear to be a fairly normal-yet-sinister laugh, the Redditor compares the sound to another menacing cackle in the Arkhamverse – from the Arkham Knight himself. The formidable villain was teased as an original character before the 2015 Batman sequel was released, but the character ultimately turned out to be Jason Todd aka Red Hood. Formerly Robin in DC Comics lore, the clip does bear a striking resemblance.

However, it is possible that the clip is a playful nod to the Rocksteady Studios pantheon. But never say never, as it would make sense for Red Hood to appear in an attempt to save Batman. “I am already calling it: Red Hood is in this and he’ll help Batman get out of Brainiac’s control,” says ‘AlexGaming26‘.

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Other confirmations from the developer affirm that the game will feature new characters down the line, so the possibility of a Red Hood post-launch character isn’t completely off the table. Redditor ‘Sylva-16’ believes this could be the case: “I guess he will be the first DLC that they will announce with the launch of the game to get more people to buy it.”

Even with the array of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice leaks in the wild, the appearance of Red Hood alongside other DC alums is purely speculative for the moment. Nonetheless, the game’s age rating ensures that it’s going to be a very wild time indeed.

As a new era approaches for DCU games, courtesy of James Gunn, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date.