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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Wonder Woman is a total badass

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s story on PS5 and Xbox is excellent, but Wonder Woman runs away with every scene she’s in with ease.

Zehra Fazal's Wonder Woman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

I’ve been an enormous fan of the big blue boy scout since I was in diapers, and as much as Nolan North is a great Superman in the new Suicide Squad game, it is Zehra Fazal’s portrayal of Wonder Woman that is its crown jewel. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League not only delivers one of the best versions of the character in videogame history, but in any media.

A lot has been said about Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League in the build up to launch, following a divisive preview period and concerns about its live-service approach. I’ve already put 22 hours into the game since early access began, playing both solo and co-op. But even though I’m enjoying the grind of the endgame, I can’t stop thinking about Wonder Woman’s role in the game. What really knocked me for six with Kill the Justice League is just how refreshing this iteration of the heroine is.

Rocksteady makes the wise choice of skipping long-winded explanations, allowing the setting of Metropolis and the world of the Arkhamverse to fill in the blanks for you. This version of the character is very much influenced by her Bronze Age origins, in which she is sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

An image of Wonder Woman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

It’s great to see Rocksteady respect the origins of the character, rather than leaning on recent iterations where she is the daughter of Zeus. And Rocksteady makes it clear that it knows Diana well, introducing her as a bonafide badass within the Hall of Justice. Note that from here on in, there will be some story spoilers ahead!

Diana dispatches each of the Suicide Squad without breaking a sweat, letting her actions speak larger than words. When she does speak, Fazal’s commanding presence makes Wonder Woman steal every scene she is in – even when other League members are present. Her best moment, for me, is easily when she incapacitates The Flash. But it isn’t any ordinary fight – she stops him while he’s running faster than the eye can see. It genuinely made me shout out loud in excitement, alongside my co-op partner, who was just as in awe as I was.

Whether you like Zack Snyder or not, it echoes a similar moment in the Justice League movie (no, not the shit one), where Evil Superman makes eye-contact with The Flash in a pivotal battle.

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It is little touches like this that show Rocksteady is just as nerdy about how these characters function in the comics, just like you and me. Using Wonder Woman as the Justice League’s last remaining guiding light is true to her unshakeable courage, serving her inspirational qualities well. Not only does Wonder Woman have great writing and superb performance behind her, but she also looks the part too.

Kill the Justice League’s character models are genuinely setting the bar when it comes to industry-leading visuals. Whether it is the wry smile she gives in the thrill of a battle or the scars of battle evident on her armor, Wonder Woman’s character model is just as good as anything you’ll find in some of the best PS5 games out there like Alan Wake 2.

Though the game’s post-launch is heavily Brainiac centric, I’m hoping there is room for more Wonder Woman action in the future. The door is definitely open, given how many alternative dimensions the Suicide Squad will need to explore to achieve their goal. The game’s story already depicts other versions of the Justice League across the multiverse, you just need to look hard enough to find them. Hell, even Wonder Woman’s shield disappears mysteriously. Now, that would make an awesome piece of loot. 

An image of Wonder Woman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

With the DCEU butchering the character’s credibility in Wonder Woman 1984, anyone not reading the comics is left with a lacklustre version of the character to reflect on. Now, there’s a fresh mainstream depiction to, well, do the character justice.

Kill the Justice League is proving to be one of the best multiplayer games in recent memory, and I can only hope that Season 1 keeps the momentum going.