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Suicide Squad game repays players $20 after early access blunders

Grab a skin for your favorite villain, because Rocksteady is repaying Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League early access players $20 on PS5 and Xbox.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League free Luther Coins $20 gift early access: Harley Quinn looking towards the camera with two piles of Luthor Coins, one on either side.

As is the case with all the live-service games that come to mind, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s launch has been anything but flawless. Taking the servers down twice so far during the Suicide Squad game‘s early access period, those who forked out for the $100 Deluxe Edition are rightfully upset. To compensate for the rocky launch on PS5 and Xbox, developer Rocksteady is giving early-access players a $20 gift – though it comes with some caveats.

After a rough pre-release period, from its handling of media previews and review codes to the inescapable comparisons to Marvel’s Avengers, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been pleasantly surprising many players now that it’s out. That said, while it nails what we love about the Suicide Squad movie, we’d be surprised if Suicide Squad is placed alongside the best games on PS5 and Xbox for many – especially with its launch issues still fresh in our minds.

Rocksteady has had to take the always-online co-op game offline twice during the exclusive early-access period – and the first one was for one of the most ridiculous bugs we’ve ever heard of. To compensate players, the developer is sending 2,000 LuthorCoins (that’s Suicide Squad’s in-game currency) to those with the Deluxe Edition. Equating to around $20/£16, this bonus will be enough to purchase one or two skins for ‘free’, depending on what you choose.

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This compensation gift will be awarded to early-access players via the in-game mailbox. While it’s unlikely you’ll miss it, it’s nonetheless worth pointing out that items in your mailbox are automatically deleted after two months, so don’t forget to claim it.

“Thank you for being one of our first players during the early access”, the associated message reads. “We recognize that you’ve been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we’d like to show our appreciation”.

To the disappointment of many players, however, this 2,000 LuthorCoin gift isn’t enough to get the Classic Harley skin bundle, complete with the beloved suit, color swaps, and more – even with the iconic red outfit being included in the pre-order bonus items, giving Deluxe owners a discount on the bundle. Likewise, the LuthorCoin packs you can purchase often include slightly less than you’d need to make a purchase in the store, encouraging you to buy a bigger pack and spend more money – though this is common for microtransactions nowadays.

Nevertheless, this compensation is still enough to grab a skin or two for your favorite Suicide Squad character or some emotes, so it’s not all bad. With many early access players having already completed the main story and heading into the endgame, take a look at some of the Suicide Squad Season 1 content that will be arriving, including the iconic Joker.