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Suicide Squad KTJL’s rarest easter egg needs 48 minutes of your time

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has plenty of nods to DC Comics’ history, but Rocksteady really wants you to find this Easter egg.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League easter egg: An image of Harley Quinn in the Hall of Justice.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is out of early access now, and PS5 and Xbox players the world over are banding together to give Superman and Batman a beat down. You’ll be doing this in a vast, open world Metropolis, which harbors loads of nods to the wider DC Comics canon. However, Rocksteady developers have been encouraging players to find one well-hidden Easter egg in particular, and now it looks like it has been found.

In a recent social media post prior to the release of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, senior producer Chloe Thorne says “there’s an Easter egg in SSKTJL that I think like 10 people know about” and no one had discovered it yet. Our first guess would be to look into the environment itself, as nods toward Peacemaker, Black Manta, and other DC villains can be found if you look hard enough. However, you’d be looking in the wrong place, as Thorne also reveals that it has “nothing to do with the environment.”

So, if we can’t see it, surely we can hear it? Tuning your ears toward the Metropolis soundscape is the right way to go, according to senior sound designer Elly Johnson in a separate post. Kill the Justice League player ‘BritishSplendor’ has potentially become the world’s first player on record to acknowledge what Thorne is referencing. Once you reach the end credits of the open world game, don’t skip over immediately.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League easter egg: An image of Rocksteady developers discussing the Kill the Justice League easter egg on social media

Not only will you miss a touching tribute to the late Kevin Conroy, but you can also hear the game’s voice cast unite to serenade you with a song, and this is the mysterious Easter egg Rocksteady has been so desperate for players to find. 

During the Latin Spanish voice talent section of the credits, Nick Waterhouse’s If You Want Trouble begins to play, followed by a Suicide Squad singalong as Harley, Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark belt out the song. You can find it in the game’s credits at the 48-minute mark, but you’ll need to have streamer mode disabled to hear it. We can’t say that Task Force X has a career ahead of them in show business, though. Take a listen for yourself, courtesy of ‘Batman Arkham Videos’. 

The game also contains plenty of other references to the Arkhamverse through sound, with one particularly excellent callback to Arkham Asylum’s intercom chime early on in the game. We also adore how musical motifs from previous Batman Arkham games are woven into encounters with the Caped Crusader across the narrative. We reckon that some of Wonder Woman’s accompanying musical score is influenced by Hans Zimmer’s work with Zack Snyder, too, as a similar percussion pattern underscores her commanding presence on-screen

The Loadout has already put in over 30 hours into Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League since early access began, and with promising updates on the horizon, it could be a contender for one of the best multiplayer games around on PS5 and Xbox.

There are bound to be masses of secrets left waiting to be found in Metropolis and beyond in the many Elseworlds you’ll visit. While you try and find them all, you can look forward to Season 1 of Kill the Justice League. It is right around the corner, and brings the Joker into the fold as a brand-new playable character. Don’t forget to claim your free Luthorcoins, too.