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Suicide Squad KTJL easter egg brilliantly teases Batman’s return

This new Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League easter egg is the biggest hint yet that Batman will be back to fight Brainiac’s forces.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Batman alive easter egg: An image of Batman in Kill the Justice League

It’s no secret that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is dividing fans with its portrayal of Batman. Despite a menacing performance from Kevin Conroy, eliminating the Caped Crusader doesn’t sit right with Arkhamverse fans, but that could all change in a future update for the Rocksteady looter shooter. A new Suicide Squad easter egg appears to tease Batman’s presence once more in Metropolis.

As spotted by ‘Batman Arkham Videos’, a series of calendars can be found around the DC Comics open world game, each of them with a different date circled. They’re easy to miss, and could be just discarded as set dressing, but with Rocksteady Studios, nothing is left to chance in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. There are twelve calendars in total, but it is December’s that is worth noting in particular, because a date is highlighted with a crudely drawn Batman logo instead of a circle.

Thanks to some clever deductions from the Arkhamverse YouTuber, we now know that each calendar’s date aligns with a letter of the alphabet, spelling out a hidden message. The YouTuber explains that by “ordering them by month and converting the dates into letters based on the day of the month”, we can uncover this phrase: “He will return.” We got chills just seeing that message appear on-screen, but does this actually mean it is Batman who’s coming to the new PS5 game

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While The Dark Knight is the most likely candidate, it is possible that Rocksteady Studios could be teeing up another villain appearance in the form of Calendar Man. Debuting in Detective Comics #258, Calendar Man has become a very sinister villain over the decades, messing with Batman’s psyche in various ways.

The character is synonymous with another Arkhamverse easter egg, which requires players to change their console clock to speak with him in Arkham City. As Calendar Man doesn’t pose much of a physical threat, we reckon that Rocksteady Studios is definitely teasing that Kevin Conroy’s Batman is still very much alive.

Datamines for the game from prominent Suicide Squad leakers like ‘VISCERAL’ appear to confirm the resurrection of Green Lantern and The Flash, with leaked audio snippets detailing their imprisonment at the hands of Brainiac. This feeds into a theory that the Justice League we battle in the game are actually clones, as Brainiac studies the real League’s bodies to extract their abilities and skillsets. However, if this is true, we wonder whether Conroy has recorded dialogue for his potential return before his untimely passing.

Suicide Squad Batman easter egg calendar.

Either way, it’s an exciting time for KTJL, with all the pieces falling into place to make it one of the best multiplayer games of the year. Pieces like new rumored DLC characters such as Deathstroke and a fresh version of Mr Freeze.