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New Suicide Squad KTJL update will include major endgame changes

Rocksteady Studios is going to make a huge and "fundamental" change to Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League in a new PS5 and Xbox update.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League endgame update: An image of Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is nearing the launch of Season 1 on PS5 and Xbox, but before the Joker lands in Metropolis, there are some tweaks to be made. Rocksteady Studios shares a new insight into forthcoming changes to the DC Comics adventure, and the Kill the Justice League endgame loop is getting a huge tweak.

The new PS5 game has plenty to do when you beat the main story, as the endgame is where the real grind begins. In a bid to improve Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League‘s endgame activities, Rocksteady details in a new development diary that “we’re seeing an imbalance where players need to play too many Metropolis missions to get Promethium” for endgame missions like Incursions.

Although some players have found alternative methods for this, Rocksteady is eager to satisfy PS5 and Xbox players properly, by incorporating fresh means of earning endgame currency. To actively encourage players to interact with the open world game, it will make a “pretty big and fundamental” change by making Raising Hell missions the best way to earn Promethium.

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Raising Hell missions are unlocked in Chapter 6, and are consistently refreshed upon completion. Objectives involve defeating Brainiac’s forces in different or often stylish ways, giving you the chance to earn Legendary tier gear too. Once you’ve done them all, you’ll face off against a Hit Squad, an extra wave of foes that spawns into the map to cause you some serious harm. The threat of defeating Hit Squads is always a thrill, and this change should make for some explosive battles before heading over into an Elseworlds Incursion.

“Raising Hell will reward 3000 Promethium for completing Tier 1, and each subsequent tier will reward an increasing amount of Promethium,” the studio confirms. Rocksteady’s focus on invigorating the endgame loop also ties into efforts to make Metropolis actively interesting.

Furthermore, the studio says that “Metropolis missions remain a concern for us, and we hear you that this loop could be more interesting, and in particular that it doesn’t feel like you’re engaging with the open world as much as you would like.”

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Even with all the odds stacked against it, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League still has the potential to be one of the best multiplayer games around. Like you, we’re eager to see how these Season 2 leaks come to fruition, and the return of an Arkham Origins villain too.