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Suicide Squad needs to fix its biggest blunder before Season 1

We’re rapidly approaching Suicide Squad Season 1, but its major Loading Metropolis bug could undermine the great content on the way.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Loading Metropolis update: An image of Harley Quinn and the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s first season is right around the corner, and a game-breaking bug needs to be squished before it drops. Rocksteady Studios’ looter shooter is facing a huge obstacle, as the Suicide Squad Loading Metropolis bug is still locking players out of the game. Despite Rocksteady dropping a new Suicide Squad update to stamp it out, many PS5 and Xbox owners find themselves encountering other issues too.

Despite the open-world game’s sturdy shooting mechanics and excellent traversal, it isn’t enough to overcome the recent onslaught of issues plaguing Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. Multiple fixes have been deployed, including some great improvements to endgame gameplay, and the latest patch from Rocksteady promises that it “resolves the Loading Metropolis issue that was causing some players to experience extended load times upon completing a mission.” However, it doesn’t seem to have fully rendered the problem obsolete.

The new PS5 game and new Xbox game has plenty of detractors, but its more passionate fans are voicing their concerns now. Players like ‘Affectionate-Ebb-208’ express on the game’s subreddit that they “haven’t been able to play for weeks […] I’ve barely gotten past the end of the alpha and haven’t been able to continue my play through for at least 2 weeks now.” Furthermore, their issues extend to a “black screen” that persists when they try to boot up the game following recent patches.

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Others like ‘Blazedwizarrd’ are more fortunate to an extent. While they’re managing to get into matchmaking successfully, it doesn’t appear to be for very long. After playing for extended periods of time, the Redditor says that “I get randomly disconnected and stuck on the loading screen.” It is concerning that this level of disrepair is present, given the game’s already lukewarm launch earlier this month. Any live service title goes through its fair share of teething issues, and despite Rocksteady’s usual level of polish seen in previous Arkhamverse games, tackling an ongoing experience is new ground for the studio.

In our own time extinguishing Brainiac’s forces, we’ve managed to access Metropolis and complete Incursions like Sending A Signal, so this issue isn’t affecting us quite as badly as others in the community. However, Incursions like Killing Time are still proving to be troublesome, with frequent disconnects in both solo and four-player matches.

It is especially concerning that these bugs still persist when Season 1 is almost here, which could be a true turning point. New offerings like a playable multiverse iteration of the Joker sound excellent, and we’re intrigued to see Rocksteady’s additions to Incursions and boss fights. When Kill the Justice League is functioning properly, it’s great, and actually one of the best multiplayer games around right now for PS5 and Xbox owners. With a robust selection of weapons and approaches to crafting powerful builds, we’ve been unlocking new Mastery levels quickly – and having a blast in the process.

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In related news, as work on new DC Comics games begins, Warner Brothers’ have unfairly compared Suicide Squad’s performance to a huge RPG from last year. Additionally, Season 2 leaks are already emerging.