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Warner Brothers is working on new DC games, but sadly not Superman

With Suicide Squad KTJL now available on PS5 and Xbox, WB Games is developing new DC Comics games, but Superman isn't a priority right now.

new superman game: An image of Superman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

No matter how you feel about Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League‘s gameplay, Rocksteady Studios delivered an extremely powerful depiction of Superman that sent chills down our spines. Warner Brothers Games confirms that plans for more DC Comics games are underway, but the Blue Boy Scout will need to wait longer for his time in the sun in a new Superman game.

Expanding DC Comics’ videogame presence on PS5 and Xbox is part of a new strategy, and now Warner Brothers CEO of global streaming and gaming JB Perrette reveals more about crafting new PS5 games. “There hasn’t been as close a relationship between the studio and the games business as there should have been,” explains Perette in a recent Variety interview.

Perette says “James [Gunn] is actually a gamer, so having someone passionate about it is super helpful.” However, despite several projects in the works for Superman, Supergirl, and Batman, there isn’t a strong desire to make games to tie in with them. Perette details that “while they’re working on a Superman movie title, we’re not going to launch a Superman game purely because we feel obligated.”

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Superman’s latest gaming outing is in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, which has the potential to be one of the best multiplayer games around if its post-launch content sticks the landing. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like a standalone Superman game is on the cards, at least for now. “We have to do something that makes sense for the gaming strategy, for fans and the consumer,” Perette adds. Superman’s last notable solo gaming appearance was in Superman Returns, a tie-in open world game for the 2006 movie.

We’ve got a soft spot for Superman Returns. It may have had some huge flaws in its mission design, but developer EA Tiburon portrayed flying around at super speed well for the time. Outside of Superman Returns, Kal-El has appeared as a playable character in other titles, like the Injustice franchise and Warner Brothers’ own fighting game MultiVersus. The latter is currently on a hiatus and is set for a relaunch later this year.

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Making a decent Superman game is possible, but it will be a long wait for it to eventually arrive. For now, you can lean into your dark side in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. James Gunn has confirmed it isn’t the end of the Arkhamverse, and is it set for some very exciting updates.