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New Suicide Squad update is both its best and worst yet

The new Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League update makes the endgame more approachable, but it's breaking the PS5 and Xbox game too.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League new update: an image of harley quinn in the kill the justice.

Even if you’re loving Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, the Arkhamverse follow-up is going through a rough time right now. Despite efforts to improve the overall experience for PS5 and Xbox players diving into the endgame, the latest Kill the Justice League update is breaking Metropolis for far too many players.

The new Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League patch hit consoles on February 21, and much of its focus was on fixing a growing number of issues preventing Xbox and PS5 players from getting into a session. In fact, there are 50 total bug fixes, with 48 of them applied specifically to consoles. Yet, despite this staggering list of supposedly positive changes, players are finding themselves completely locked out of Metropolis.

Even defenders of the highly maligned multiplayer game are taking issue with Rocksteady, as users like ‘thelivinnexus’ say that “as someone who defended this game, I’m upset with its current state.” Hundreds of players are in the same boat, many of them claiming that it takes a minimum of five minutes to enter a session – while some can’t do it at all. Incursions, the game’s form of highly difficult endgame missions, are virtually impossible to complete properly too.

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Fellow KTJL player ‘air_vase’ comments that “since this patch, I can’t play incursions without getting this afterward. [I] hope they fix it soon.” Currently, the game requires a consistent internet connection, so playing offline isn’t an option. However, Rocksteady Studios is working to deliver this feature in the future. If you do manage to play Kill the Justice League without any hitches, then the good news is that entering the endgame is now far easier.

Those of you arriving at this part of the game can expect an increase in the amount of Promethium currency made available to you, so you can get stuck into Incursions quicker. “To help players more easily access the endgame we have increased the reward from completing the first Mayhem mission to 9000 Promethium, up from 3000,” Rocksteady clarifies.

Despite the obstacles Kill the Justice League is facing from a technical perspective, these changes are ultimately worthwhile in the bigger picture. Lowering the barrier of entry for endgame missions is a great change, and should hopefully keep newcomers engaged. We’ve clocked countless hours in Metropolis already, hopping from each Incursion mission to increase our Mastery levels.

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The loop can often be a blast, especially when you’ve accumulated gear that truly makes your preferred Suicide Squad member sing. Specifically, harnessing the power of Tier 3 Bane Infamy gear to conjure a mighty melee damage/critical shot build has made Incursions a breeze. Well, when we can actually play them, although we’ve been slightly luckier than most with queue times.

There’s a genuinely fun experience to be found in Kill the Justice League, it is just a shame that the game’s pre-release reputation and ongoing bugs are hindering its chances of being one of the best co-op games – and surviving past its first year of content.

We anticipate another patch to be delivered by Rocksteady soon, and hopefully it won’t nerf your builds like the game’s first major update. On the bright side, Season 1 is almost here with the arrival of the Joker, but fresh leaks already hint at what Season 2 contains.