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Suicide Squad gears up for “unique” Combat Incursions in Season 1

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1 is almost here, and Rocksteady Studios reveals a new way to bring the hurt to Brainiac.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Incursions update: an image of the Joker in Season 1 of Kill the Justice League

Saving Metropolis was never going to be easy in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, especially with a titan like Brainiac to defeat. The grind to level up and dismantle his forces can be a blast, but Kill the Justice League could do with more variety while doing that. Now, Rocksteady Studios confirms that the game’s first season will shake up Incursion missions in a big way.

In the latest development update from Rocksteady Studios, the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League team expresses that “while we think the state of endgame is in a better place, we’re looking forward to giving you even more variety […] with the release of our first season we’re increasing the number of Incursion missions from three to six.” This means you’ll have more opportunities to push your Mastery levels higher, and this is a great change for one of the most promising multiplayer games on Xbox and PS5 right now.

Currently, players can choose between Incursions like Killing Time, Invasive Species, and World’s Unfair to raise their Finite Crisis rank and Mastery levels. Season 1 of Kill the Justice League, which also introduces the Joker, will include “three additional Incursion missions are what we call ‘Combat Incursions’.” Adding more opportunities to flex your skills, Rocksteady describes these new Incursions as “unique and intense combat encounters that give you more freedom to experiment.”

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The only element that remains a mystery for Season 1 is the release date, as Rocksteady is yet to provide an official date. Speculatively, Suicide Squad reporter Miller Ross says that the “build version numbering makes me think [the] next patch is Joker and the season 1 launch.” The next patch would be numbered 1.1.0, and Miller posits that it could be released around Friday, March 8, 2024. Seeing how the Joker will fit into the roster is going to be interesting, but the build potential is fascinating – let alone the character’s interactions with the Squad itself.

As this Joker is from another universe, we’ll be hearing tales about the Joker’s iteration of the team in his world and what led to Brainiac’s invasion there. It has our minds running rampant speculating what the future holds, although Season 2 leaks can fill in the gaps for us already. Whether we get past year one is another obstacle, though.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is going through a tricky time right now, as Rocksteady applies several fixes to appease frustrated players. Despite promising tweaks to Rocksteady’s co-op game, like with Mastery level improvements, the game’s endgame activities remain a sore point. Hopefully, these forthcoming changes can put those worries to rest, as we can look forward to new characters like Deathstroke in new updates.