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Palworld PS5 port closer to reality as dev teases future plans

Have hope, PS5 players, as Pocketpair’s CEO reveals the studio is in talks to bring Palworld to other platforms following its astronomical Xbox success.

Palworld PS5 port Pocketpair plans: A split image with a cute blue penguin-like creature on the left side and a white PlayStation logo against a blue background on the right side.

Palworld became an overnight Xbox hit when it launched back in January. Since then PlayStation fans have been crossing their fingers in the hopes that a Palworld PS5 port graces their system sooner rather than later. Well, that time could be coming soon as Pocketpair is in talks to bring Palworld to other platforms.

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Takuro Mizobe reveals that, following the breakout success of Palworld on Xbox, it’s in talks to bring one of the best survival games to more platforms. Although it has performed remarkably well on Xbox and PC so far, pulling in over 25 million players in just the first month alone, it’s open to the idea of porting it to other platforms and is actively discussing it with industry heads. Moreover, Mizobe stresses the importance of multiplayer games being made available to as wide an audience as possible, saying “games are most fun when playing with friends.” While he doesn’t mention Sony or its console specifically, a Palworld PS5 port now sounds very likely.

While Palworld has brought in profit that is “too big for a studio [of its] size to handle,” Mizobe reveals the company isn’t planning on significantly expanding its 55-person team or its offices. “We are and will remain a small studio,” he explains. “I want to make multiple small games. Big-budget triple-A games are not for us.”

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Interestingly, Mizobe also says that Pocketpair is open to considering partnerships or acquisitions, but claims it’s not currently engaged in talks with Microsoft. This is despite Microsoft forging a much deeper relationship with the Japanese developer to help support Palworld, which includes giving them extra resources and assistance.

What does it mean for eager PlayStation fans looking to join in on the biggest Xbox exclusives of the year so far? Well, it could mean you’re waiting a while. Palworld is still in early access on Xbox, with frequent updates to improve the experience and add more content. Most likely, you won’t be seeing a Palworld PS5 port – or a port to any other platforms, for that matter – until the new Xbox game has released fully.

As for why Palworld quickly became one of the best Xbox Game Pass games and best Xbox games, Mizobe reveals it was designed to be a conversation starter. By taking inspiration and ideas from many of the best games on the market, including its titular cute and quirky Pals, Mizobe’s goal was to create buzz online. Earning Palworld the nickname ‘Pokémon with guns,’ it’s safe to say Pocketpair achieved its goal.

We’re all eagerly waiting to see what’s in store next for Palworld, especially now that raids are finally on the way. For more Xbox news, check out this beautiful – and baffling – custom Final Fantasy 14 Xbox console. Meanwhile, PlayStation players have a new PS5 update that upgrades their controller and sneaks in this brand-new feature not included in the patch notes.