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New PS5 update sneaks in a brand-new feature not in the patch notes

You can download the new PS5 update right now, but keep your eyes peeled, or you’ll miss this slick feature Sony is hiding in plain sight.

PS5 update new shut down animation: An image of a RED PS5.

The time for a fresh system update is here for PlayStation 5 owners once again. Sony’s new PS5 update introduces some vital tweaks to the DualSense controller and Share Screen functionality, but there’s also a subtle change that the tech giant is failing to mention. There’s a brand-new animation for shutting down your PS5 console, but it’s very easy to miss.

After spending hours battling away in some of the best FPS games like The Finals, or excellent co-op games like Helldivers 2, we all eventually shut down our PS5 for the night. Unless you love running your energy bill up by leaving it in Rest Mode consistently, that is. As part of the latest PS5 update, Sony gives the system’s shut down animation a refresh. Rebuilding the PS5’s external lights in a stylized fashion, it’s a small but welcome addition that gives the console a bit of visual polish.

However, we’re intrigued as to why Sony hasn’t decided to include this in the patch notes for the update. Sony is usually on the ball when it comes to including even the tiniest details, so seeing this feature left out is surprising. This is also the third time the animation has changed by our count, too. Following the release of the PS5 Slim model last year, Sony introduced another variant of the shut-down loop, though it isn’t quite as satisfying to see unfold.

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This fresh iteration is proving to be a hit with players already. PS5 owners over on the console’s subreddit, like ‘Warm_Bake7079’, comment that it is “pretty sweet. I’m starting to like the PS5 more. I kind of like this attitude of ‘it’s the little things’.” While we’re also in agreement that these kinds of smaller tweaks are great, there’s still one glaring element missing from the PS5’s user interface: PS5 themes.

We’ve been pining for PS5 themes since the console’s launch, and it still feels strange that this current-gen beast is missing a basic feature from the PS3 and PS4. There’s still no inkling on Sony’s side whether this is a possibility. Although, after four years of production, it feels extremely overdue in the PS5’s lifespan. For now, these animations are all we’ve got to cling onto.

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